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19/08/2017 to 22/08/2017
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19/08/2017 to 22/08/2017
Pathfinders Trading Room
In Pathfinders Online Trading Room, you will do online live trading with Yogeshwar Sir 30 Sessions in a month from 9am to 10.30 am & 2pm to 3.30pm / 9pm to 10.30pm. He will trade in front of you and also analyse your trades. In addition, trades are send by sms including intraday, swing and portfolio trades, given by Sir himself. All asset classes will be traded including stocks, options, futures, commodity & forex. Monday is dedicated to portfolio building.To know more call 9022330009.
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14 Aug 2017
Pathfinders Student Best Trade Of The Day – 14Aug17 – Rs 13,321
11 Aug 2017
Pathfinders Student Best Trade Of The Day – 11Aug17 – Rs 20,542
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Pathfinder – wow it was an amazing platform from where we or anyone can start. It was beautifully organise and hats off to Yogeshwar sir who handled the course at the top.
- Ajit J 20 Sep 16
A awesome training session, eye opener, life changing session, where not only market was taught but a vision is developed how an individual could develop in life and be financially independent.
- Aditya S 20 Sep 16
Since many years I was in a notion that stock market is something where we put money and nothing is in our control. That is the primary reason I stayed away from the market. One day I was introduced to the market by one of my friends and he said we can make profit if we do small analysis.
- Vishwanathan P 17 Aug 16
I have been trading in the stock and future market for past 3-4 years. I had profits and losses but eventually could never make big profits as they were gobbled up by eventually big losses.
- Vipin N 17 Aug 16
I am vinod, I am new to the stock market, I am having absolutely zero knowledge on this, one day I came across pathfinders free training workshop, I have attended it, there I got impressed by the way Yogeshwar sir taught.
- Vinod Kumar G 17 Aug 16
After attending to this training for the first time I could understand that stock market is not gambling game. Rather it is very logical and rational in several ways. Though it looks very complicated in the beginning.
- Vijay K SVSS 17 Aug 16
I am very happy to be the part of stock market training class. I was looking for course which is conducted for many months and I did lot of research, looked videos and website for better guidance and finally I found good guideline and mentor.
- Uday K 17 Aug 16
I found the training is very good. It dealt with all relevant aspects of stock market training and various products to trade. It covered various aspects of fundamental analysis, portfolio management, and dealt with major aspects of technical analysis and risk management.
- T Praveen K 17 Aug 16
It’s an life changing experience, because people put their hard-earned money in any form of investment believing that money will grow and they came to stock market thinking that money will grow 10 times, 20 times without doing any hard work
- S Novnath P 17 Aug 16
It is a great pleasure to have this kind of training about stock market. Yogeshwar sir’s energy levels are very high and the kind of research he has done is so much useful for all the people who takes trading in stock market as career.
- Ramakant R D 17 Aug 16
The training provided was a good stepping stone to success for any trader or an investor. A lot of points were covered that would help any individual from falling in the pit.
- K Giridhar 17 Aug 16
Understood the importance of fundamentals of risk management of uncertain market. The importance of risk management is very essential to avoid big losses and make big profits. This short course has highlighted the very delicate finer point
- Rajasekhar Reddy K 17 Aug 16
I came her for training on stock market but Yogeshwar sir changed my whole perspective for financial freedom. He not only taught me stock trading, although he taught me about portfolio management, fundamental analysis, technical analysis about stock market.
- Omkar S 17 Aug 16
Initially after seeing the video from you tube I got attracted because of the sweet voice and sir’s education because he in an IIT student. Why I like this, because so many of them give the training without the knowledge of mathematics, that’s why I felt like coming for the training
- N H V Kumar 17 Aug 16
I find Pathfinders training a very important educating part of my life it has removed all the doubts and negative thoughts about stock market. Earlier I used to think that share market can’t be studied rationally, it’s more a gambling than a field where we can make money with knowledge.
- N Shravan K 17 Aug 16
The stock market was always a black box for me and I had small profits and small losses when I was doing myself. Once I gave my money to one of the broker he lost all my money. This happened 2015-16. I felt very bad since I did not loosen or make profit.
- C S Nagaraja 17 Aug 16
Trading is a whole new world to me. The 4 day training gave me a new interesting area to explore as a career. Mr. Yogeshwar’s guidance and mentorship would definitely cut down the initial exploring learning period to a great extent.
- Ashwini 17 Aug 16
This training has given me immense confidence on shares and trading. This training has assured me that with proper discipline you can earn money from share market. Earlier I used to invest money in fixed deposits, LIC policies and with some other traditional investment product.
- N Ravi K 17 Aug 16
I thank sincerely to Yogeshwar Sir for the kind of contribution he did to bring awareness in methods and techniques in stock market trading. The most powerful was his solid understanding of the stock market scenario and the risks involved and the method of understanding such risks
- Bhaskar K 17 Aug 16
After reading book Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2012 suddenly I got interested in stock market. Then I started doing research on it. I found lots of opportunity in it to make huge money. I started learning on internet and you tube. I applied same during trading.
- Anand K 17 Aug 16
I was absolute novice when I came to stock training though I am a avid reader of financial news and working in finance. This program or training has provided extremely new way of trading stock market.
- Vishwas K 19 Jul 16
Training has helped me to understand the mistakes I was doing till now. It has not only thought me the techniques but also helped to understand now it can be used in different scenarios. It has helped me to read the market offline as well as real time.
- Virochan P 19 Jul 16
I have various courses of stock market like OTA, BSE-TA, BSE-FA, but this course if far better than them as this is all inclusive, touching all aspects of the FA and TA, almost covering all inclusive.
- Vijay B M 19 Jul 16
Jaisa naam vaisa kam. This will be suitable for pathfinders. The training system show you the way to reach your goal. The work starts from very basic systems and rules are very simple to understand. Basic concept of market trading and real market positions really and study regarding is taught.
- Vaibhavari S 19 Jul 16
It was a wonderful experience to attend this training in Mumbai, Thane. I think that I made a good decision to come all the way from Bangalore to attend the training in Mumbai. All the 4 days of training was wonderful and each day was enriching with very useful topics example and
- Thyagarajan V 19 Jul 16
This is the first time I have attended a training program on stock trading and I can confidently say I have chosen the right institute for getting this training. Mr. Yogeshwar sir is an amazing person and an excellent trainer on stock trading.
- Suryakant P 19 Jul 16
It was a good experience about learning stock market with pathfinders training. All arrangement was wonderfully organized. Helped a lot to know the real face of stock market.
- Surbhi S 19 Jul 16
I found the training very useful. Yogeshwar sir made it extremely easy for us. Salute to his teaching dedication. After this four days training I feel confident of starting trading on my own. I feel I will also be able to do this with my office work and family.
- Sugandha K 19 Jul 16
Before this training I trading like retailer. After doing this course I got 100% confidence that I can trade like pro and I trade each and every market like commodity, future, options which I am afraid of these.
- Shrinivas B P 19 Jul 16
I have been in the market about 9 years from now as an active trader but without much rule following. And of course, obviously have burnt my fingers so many times. I never had thought of a formal education of market might be available with practical in India.
- Shrikant P 19 Jul 16
Yogeshwar sir is extremely intelligent, he knows various methods and techniques to make money in stock market. His way of explanation is amazing. Even freshers can pick up very easily. He is real shining star on the planet who is helping common people to get knowledge
- Shishir J 19 Jul 16
I would like to put it in record that this training program has been a tremendous learning experience for me, especially since I have traded as a novice trader in the past and made only losses so far since I am a home maker, it makes me realize my hidden potential which has been under used so far.
- Sheetal N 19 Jul 16
I am a fresher. I don’t know anything about the stock market. After attending this training I learned a lot of things to do in stock market, how to make money. Sir was teaching us very well about the market. Yogeshwar sir taught us this is the extra income earning place.
- Sashikumaran K N 19 Jul 16
I am novice in this field, but I don’t know why I always liked stock market. I have strong affection towards charts, graphs and colors. I am glad that you actually briefed us about all aspects of “being trader” in this 4 days.
- Rupali N 19 Jul 16
Before joining pathfinders, training I was unaware of pure technical skill to be success in stock market through this training I believe that I can take trading as full serious business too. Pathfinders trainings has provided in-depth guidance and mentoring
- Rahul B 19 Jul 16
Yogeshwar sir an excellent coach. I first attended his introduction session for 3 hrs. and instantly developed interest in becoming a trader. Being a complete novice, I did not knew even the basics of stock market in fact the very interface of share khan seemed
- Prasad 19 Jul 16
I knew little bit about stock market earlier and thought that it is the gambling place with little science in it. My friend recommended me to take training to understand stock market and I was very surprised to see how technical work in the market.
- Prasad P 19 Jul 16
This 4 days program has shown me a way to earn in my retired life. I was buying shares in stock market without any clear plan and only on the bases of news. Due to this I must have lost opportunity by not exiting at the right time.
- Prabhakar S 19 Jul 16
I am thankful to Mr. Yogeshwar sir for teaching us, how to analyze the stock market fundamental and also technical analysis of stock and commodity. Before I came here I was trading in shares and options but making loss is the only thing I did, I did not knew the reason behind it.
- Pavankumar Y 19 Jul 16
I was not aware of the techniques of the share market. After joining pathfinders training I learnt about various techniques used and the method to be followed for trading in stock market.
- Oscar F 19 Jul 16
Before coming into pathfinders, I was unaware about any technique or a highly probable scenario which could benefit me in my trade. I was taken totally by surprise by the method which I saw in training session which if dedicatedly followed could change by life.
- Manoj P 19 Jul 16
A very well placed, clear, approach detailed out by one of the finest spellers I have come across. The ability to showcase clearly, structure, and stability is amazing. Concrete result showcased is the foundation of the path of success.
- Jimmy A 19 Jul 16
This training session has been a truly rewarding experience. I have learnt a lot, even though I never really knew anything about the stock market.
- Ingrid V 19 Jul 16
This session will help me to build a better future in stock market and professional growth.Have learned risk management process which can even be used in our day to day life.“You are giver”.
- Harmindar Singh B 19 Jul 16
Worth attending & time investing course. Coach is polite and adoptable in teaching methods, very essential for any age group that is looking to earn from stocks and shares.
- Harmeet Singh C 19 Jul 16
I come to attend this training session with carrying the impression of learning just few tricks and techniques about stock market or some or more about the trading. But this four-day training was a really thrilling experience we felt like a kid doing a home work
- Devendra K 19 Jul 16
I found these course very use full really thank those who recommend me for said course as I receive a SMS from pathfinders, hence suggest the person who one In this field seven years. Hope at the end of this six-month training, I could able to build up my portfolio strong and secure.
- Ashok S 19 Jul 16
When I never know how to trade in market, how to react with the movement of ups and down. still I was purchasing stocks without any awareness or any direction at that movement. I was not doing big mistake by coming there after attending lectures by
- Ajay D 19 Jul 16
The Training provided by Yogeshwar sir, is very great, its cover the fundamental, technical concept as a trader what qualities one should have is explained by him. The training method is unique you never face bearing and tearing in entire trading.
- Aatish P 19 Jul 16
Earlier I Used to I think that stock market is game of luck, but after this session I have realized that it is a science which is properly understood, one can read the market movement and make a money like Every after specialize course these training also need a lot of learning and practice and
- A R Devar 19 Jul 16
A training which was conducted by Yogeshwar sir really was very excellent. He has covered almost 100% part like, fundaments and technical’s and portfolio building. After getting training I am 100% sure, wealth can be made with the help of that.
- Ashok P 28 Jun 16
If you are in the market, I think one need to just come over here. Very interesting facts, I may not be a big trader but I am sure, I will not do loss and I will not be away from market.
- Bhunesh S 28 Jun 16
Such a different huge subject all condensed in just 4 days and basic was given. The fundamental training to select shares for portfolio building was excellent.
- Bipin K 28 Jun 16
Sir, I liked your attitude while training us. Since you are in the profession for 10-15 years, you have taken a lot of efforts in getting best out of it. As per the recorded data of trading shows that you are very much expert in live trading with systematic planning.
- Deepak K 28 Jun 16
It is very good course. I came to know unknown facts of the market. Sir taught us that we have not known, risk management, portfolio building, intraday trading, swing trading, long trade, how to divide your capital in different class of asserts
- Devanand J 28 Jun 16
The way trading was taken for 4 days was amazing. The techniques to talk with market was taught by Yogeshwar sir was great. The chart reading is a great tool to watch the moment of stocks, currency and commodities.
- Dhwani S 28 Jun 16
Training by sir Yogeshwar ji was par excellent. You explained the basic principles of trading, the different concepts, subjects related to stock trading, by systematic presentation, live chart, excellent hall-atmosphere, food was excellent.
- Dinesh R S 28 Jun 16
It was a wonderful learning experience. I have been trading from 6-7 years but realised now where I have been making mistakes. The techniques would help me correct my mistakes and become a better successful trader.
- Gourav K 28 Jun 16
I was searching for a structured way of learning trading for last 4 years, as I was trying my trading on tips and other sources like TV channels, magazine, etc., but I was not making any substantial money from there.
- Jayant R 28 Jun 16
Mr. Yogeshwar has conducted the programme very efficiently and explained the concept in a simple lucid style. He has explained the importance of planning and analysis of the market and the importance of risk management and proper application of various tools.
- Jayshankar C 28 Jun 16
Dear Yogeshwar sir First of all very thankful for your efforts to unlock the potential in us. The way you taught us to create the wealth. When it comes to understand the concept of creating the wealth, to generate the passive for money.
- Jaywant N 28 Jun 16
The moment I saw Yogeshwar ji on you tube, I was impressed by him, I knew that he is sincere and he is the person who can change people’s life. I came to know (after I heard him on you tube) that this is the training for me.
- Leeladhar S 28 Jun 16
This training is very useful to us. Before I came to this training my knowledge was zero. I am trading according to what Yogeshwar sir taught. I learned How to select the stock, by using fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
- P Reddy B 28 Jun 16
After attending 4 days of workshop taken by sir, my whole mindset changed that stock market is not gambling. It is like science and properly near to math. The way sir covers from basic stock market to built up portfolio that was wonderful.
- Pranav P 28 Jun 16
An excellent training programme for people who want to understand how to trade. A simple methodology and very detailed and elaborate structure adopted by Yogeshwar sir.
- Raghu S 28 Jun 16
This is the best training that I have ever had in my life till now. Since the very 1st day I began to feel a positive event happening in my life. I can foresee the new beginning in my life and look forward to a greater relationship with pathfinders and their mentor Yogeshwar Vashishtha sir.
- Rahul V 28 Jun16
My bestest take away for me from this course is about risk management. The concept of small profit, small loss, big profit, big loss seems so simple but is extremely powerful. I have never traded before and will start doing it now and I am sure that this will be very
- Rajesh G 28 Jun 16
An excellent training program which taught me of the basic rules and methods those are essential to be a successful trader. The tools that are so important that have to be used and applied for trading were taught in a very lucid manner so that it is easy to understand.
- Saurabh B 28 Jun 16
It was very informative and useful learning on stock trading. A compact Programme which conveyed from basic concept of stock market to advance trading of F&O. It gave good knowledge and tools to equip yourself to unlock your own potential.
- Sashi B 28 Jun 16
Well, I started with day one, the starting was brilliant, the way we started our very own 1st day, by meditation and introduction. Whole training I never lost the interest and enthusiasm. This 4 days I learned that nothing is impossible. It can be possible but it just needs hard work.
- Anuj R 28 Jun 16
Having been trading in the market since some time but have never made serious money. Wanted to learn the proper methodology to trade have been avid leader knew about some of the topics theoretically.
- SK Srivastava 26 April 16
In stock market I came here with a zero knowledge. At the age of 62 years I wanted to learn about this market. My interest to learn brought me here from other state to Mumbai. The stock market is to be planned and use tools and do apply principles and rules do not break rules.
- Santana V 26 April 16
Mr. Yogeshwar has tremendous knowledge and most important is that is parting with this thru training and educating students its amazing. His skills, methods experience are priceless. Its up to students like us how much we can extract and benefit out of it.
- Sanjay K 26 April 16
I was from a family with background of working parents. They had come from lower middle class can say poor family only. So obviously there was absolutely no background of share market the reaction was no, no. Even then I persisted and kept on reading / tracking.
- Sandhya V 26 April 16
Before starting this training it was like with closed eyes hitting target with 100 charts like in 100 might be 2, 3 hit the target. Today my eyes are not only open but I have pathfinders binocular in our hands with lots of lenses. Thanks a lot this training will take my trading to new level.
- Sachin S 26 April 16
How does it get any better than this and how did I get so lucky. I was in the question as to what next after resigning from my job as manager process and systems with an IT company in Aug 2014.
- Rita V 26 April 16
Had a great learning experience about the stock markets how they function analysis company fundamentals & technical. Learning about the derivatives market, forex market & commodities market. Had a deep understanding of various kinds of charts stools how to analyse sure them.
- Quresh P 26 April 16
It was a great learning experience. Yogeshwar Sir is the best trainer. Have got a lot of confidence after doing the course. It was way better than what I had expected.
- Preeti N 26 April 16
It was a far better session than expected. It help me to unfold the myths about the market. Learning technical, fundamentals and using both to apply strategies is really useful. Yogeshwar Sir is really good mentor that I was looking out for and truly delivered it to my exception.
- Pranay K 26 April 16
This course has been extremely useful & cleared a lot of misconception that I had above stock market. To start off I thought it was a no brainer and its purely rallied by big players.
- Prajosh N 26 April 16
I am basically an emotional person. I am in share market for very long time. Initial years of my journey I used to buy IPO. Then after some years I entered in secondary market but only in long time positional trading not in intraday.
- Pradip R 26 April 16
I have trading stock since many years. But still not manage to build good portfolio or earn money. I believed it is a good market and we can earn a lot in this market. But I came to know I am missing some knowledge because of it I am not able to get success in this market.
- Pankaj R 26 April 16
I think I have gained considerable knowledge over the last few days. This 4 day course will definitely help me in putting my money on something for which I myself would be fully responsible for.
- Mahesh I 26 April 16
I like the way you make this training very simple to get understand by all of us. Along with touched all the part of trading and long term investment as well as live trading.
- Kumar B 26 April 16
This was a fantastic session never came across such a session in past. If learning’s are taken seriously this can act as a independence factor for earnings. Example and live trades that was shared acts and builds confidence.
- Kiran S 26 April 16
This program gives an all together different perspective about stock market. The course teaches how one can move from gambling in stock market to plan trade. The program raises the confidence of an individual in achieving the goal of financial freedom.
- Gangaprasad T 26 April 16
An excellent designed program with simple technique. Although there was time limitation covered all those relevant area. What I appreciate was the homework. Wherein I found it was missing in our day to day life. It showed me go to basic homework before anything we do.
- Dinesh S 26 April 16
For me the one who looks for logic behind everything in life. The market so called uncertain it has given me some meet to connect the dots & a platform where I can find the certainty at some point. Basics, I was looking for basic & that what I got.
- Aditya G 26 April 16
Being a marketing & sales professional I always thought that trading was not my cup of tea. But after attending these classes one thing I understood that trading can be done along with your regular jobs and now had not sit in front of the computer keeping an eye on the market.
- Yogesh R 12 April 16
Trainer & other team members are honest, helpful, co-operative. Training session delivers all that is committed. Infrastructure is excellent. Training program is well designed structured & well executed. Trainer has an urge to teach his techniques he has acquired over years to the students.
- Vivek M 12 April 16
Today is the 4th day of the training and has changed the whole perspective towards the stock market. As I have invested in stock on the basis of advice from others but never was able to connect as a tool for complete investment purpose and long portfolio & investment with a positive outlook.
- Tarkeshwar K 12 April 16
I believe it was a great learning point experience. It was an eye opener to look at the stock market differently. Not only that it open the doors for a great learning curve.
- Sudipta D 12 April 16
Pathfinders has done an excellent job by helping the needful people to get to know about the stock market. I was very new to share markets and not had a little bit idea about it. But after attending this class it has showed me or teach me so much about stock market.
- Sudarshan P 12 April 16
I learnt that through rational approach one can make good money in stock markets. It is no more about luck but about careful analysis & understanding of the market that one can expect relatively good success rates in the stock market.
- Saumya D 12 April 16
I have been trading in the market for quite some time. My system had no structure. This training will help me with a structure and proper risk management in place with right mindset and peace of mind.
- Santosh B 12 April 16
In this training I learnt about fundamentals, technical and its application, various types of trading. Overall confident that stock market will generate consistent income as long as I adhere to the rules taught by Yogeshwar Sir. Thank you.
- Sagar M 12 April 16
I came to know about Pathfinders from a youtube search I watched the video twice. Then read the Pathfinders blog attended free seminar and joined the 6 month course. But I learned from pathfinders training every time.
- Sachin T 12 April 16
Extremely good and detailed explanation of all basic concepts from a trader point of view. It has helped me and has been an eye opener especially since my portfolio long term has delivered maybe around 7 - 8% returns just as in Bank FD.
- Poornima M 12 April 16
The course studies is well adjusted and taught in 4 days in 4 days. I get a clear picture of fundamental and technical analysis. There was good balance of theory and practical. Got information of important site log keeping and stock filtering was very good.
- Moses D 12 April 16
Before this course I was confused about how and when to enter market and when to exit. Now I have confidence about that also for long term investment to choosing stock screening the stock is very easy now. It is a great course.
- Madhukar H 12 April 16
Trading was somewhat looking as a rocket science before this training session. But now it has brought me in can do position now. Now I have clearly understood that this is not a gambling but a pure science which can be learnt & applied.
- Haresh M 12 April 16
I am happy that I took this training. I have really learnt a lot in the last four days. I used to learn about experts talking about fundamental analysis and technical analysis and giving their expert views.
- Freeda A 12 April 16
Today is my 4th and last day of Pathfinders Training session before this session I was afraid of putting my hard earned money into stock rather I preferred to put it into FD and the same I used to suggest my husband and my family members.
- Chaitali K 12 April 16
Training done by Yogeshwar Sir was extremely good. The main focus of the training was the practical application of knowledge in the live market where most of the people fail to do it. Being a part of Pathfinder training was an awesome experience.
- Ashish P 12 April 16
I was looking out for something on reaching at my retirement age which not only keep me occupied for time but could also generate money for my sustenance. I came across Pathfinders Training and found it very interesting the way things were explained by Mr. Yogeshwar though I was totally novice.
- Anand K 12 April 16
It is my pride privilege that I had an opportunity to learn and train myself at pathfinders trainings under the super well organised planned sessions taken up by respected Sir Yogeshwar Vashishtha.
- Amit K 12 April 16
Training at Pathfinders was very good. Here at pathfinders a person can learn to build portfolio & get sound knowledge of fundamental & technical analysis. Trading & portfolio building is taught nicely. It was a great experience learning here.
- Amit H 12 April 16
I liked one thing about course is the transparency maintained by pathfinders team. The learning was really good along with motivating our morals by Sir.
- Akshay D 12 April 16
Training helped me to change my perspective as an emotional trader to a rational trader. Training started from scratch & this I was able to eliminate all my misunderstanding right from beginning & helped me develop various skills each & every hour of trading.
- Akash D 12 April 16
This training has been an eye opener for me. Before joining this training I was into trading for over a month. In that course of month I had done two to three good trades but a lot of bad trades and due to these bad trades I almost started thinking that I won’t be able to survive in this market.
- Suraj N 9 Feb 16
Topics covered were important and explained in a easy manner. Risk management was taught very efficiently. Watching sir trading live taught the how much patience is required which is very important thing to learn.
- Sunny C 9 Feb 16
Now I can see trading from a different perspective as a trader now I can think how emotions and fear drives our trade execution and we tend to go wrong. Discipline is the key to trading and we need to be rule based.
- Sudhen A 9 Feb 16
I have been a demand / supply zone trader and was about to conclude its still gambling. Take away from here are too many the major ones are. You have to check some basics fundamentals of a company even for intraday trading.
- Sudhanshu P 9 Feb 16
Course was excellent. Teaching was brilliant. Thank you for making us financially aware. And food was too delicious. Additional thanks.
- Shreyas N 9 Feb 16
This training has been an eye opener indeed. The mystery of stock markets & the suspense surrounding it was excellently explained in a simple manner by Yogeshwar Sir.
- Shashank M 9 Feb 16
This workshop was very useful & changed my perspective on how to approach my trades from a high profit objective. I am now more focused in a process oriented approach & ensuring a zero or low risk trade allowing the profits to come by itself.
- Sanjit S 9 Feb 16
Excellent structure of the training. Live trading and the trainings helped understand the limits of my understanding of the market and trading mistakes.
- Salil A 9 Feb 16
After attending this course I have understand the what is stock market hoe to trade it for intraday, long term & short term.
- Raju C 9 Feb 16
Sir I am government servant but due to service I have to go out of station every day from Mumbai to Pune. It is for to earn the money so I couldn’t get any time to my family & self for workout.
- Pravin M 9 Feb 16
The four days training is a fantastic to understand basic about stock, futures, options. The whole course was conducted so nicely and taught each concept interestingly.
- Nitin S 9 Feb 16
Narendra Verma Training was excellent. Before attending this training my perception for the stock market was just gambling. The way the course was taught and all the topics was taken now we are confident in trading in all the markets like stock, commodities, forex independently.
- Narendra V 9 Feb 16
It was a very good course very knowledgeable practical oriented the only place found by me where live trading is taken place. Each concepts are explained very carefully and nicely highlighting the main points to be taken care of while trading in the stock market.
- Naman G 9 Feb 16
It was very informative practical oriented & live experience of trading. Before coming to this training I was not positive about trading but now I believe trading is not a gambling it’s a skill where you can learn & earn money.
- Kishor B 9 Feb 16
A training by a professional whose mentoring explanation about trading explanation about reading the markets who teaches you and guides you about the success, pains, pitfalls while trading different markets using different candle patterns, charts and oscillators and adhering to a strict trading plan
- Joseph K 9 Feb 16
Being new to trading what I have learnt is described by a poem. I started with no clue ahead. The day seems tiring but very interesting. Even dream started whispering Fibonacci and Bollinger.
- Ashutosh M 9 Feb 16
After 4 days of training session my lookout for this profession has changed with lot of brighter hope and I know I need to work very hard for the same. These sessions by Sir has filled me with the realistic expectation and the positivity to do well if I stick to rules taught by him.
- Archana K 9 Feb 16
I am thankful to Yogeshwar Sir for teaching us from basic which help me to understand as I have not done any trading before and I was not knowledge basic of stock market. It was a great learning which will definitely help me to earn money as a second source of income and as
- Rajesh W 19 Jan 16
People come to stock markets thinking it is a game of money & some magic happen here which makes money for them. I feel it is magic, a real magic which has a potential of making us rich in some time but for that we have to be a magician.
- Mandar O 19 Jan 16
I like to honesty of Yogeshwar Sir and the way he explains the topic. Something to learn from him is to be humble. Despite of being so successful & knowledgeable he is a grounded person willing to help his students who have screwed up their portfolios & lost hard earned money.
- Neeraj R 19 Jan 16
Very good experience and lucky to be part of the class. Well organized and well structured training program for the stock market. I wish I should have known about Yogeshwar Sir’s training program few years before. But with the concept of better late than never.
- Nilakanta 19 Jan 16
This is the best comprehensive training with all type of trading style. It equipped me with various trading tools which are must for surviving and being successful in market. One of the best thing I found is their emphasis on risk management techniques.
- Tanmay P 19 Jan 16
It is an excellent program particularly for a fresher who wants to take if a full time profession and also for unfortunate many who entered this market without mastering the tools for trade and carrying substantial loss.
- Gautam D 19 Jan 16
The course is designed in very good manner. Explanation on various different points with proper example made it very easy to understand. The use of indicators and oscillators was explained in a great way and when the real practical application of all
- Yogesh M 19 Jan 16
Sir in my opinion this training is so useful that a dummy in stock market can done to take trade. It was nice to educate us and giving out your experience and skill. Even though I did some course it was really, really very much outstanding. Sir let me share a small story of my life.
- Dilip D 19 Jan 16
My basic intention of attending this training was go get an insight into stock trading & decide on becoming a professional trader. The way the training was conducted by Mr. Yogeshwar sir it has given me a very good understanding of stock trading.
- Rajendra S 19 Jan 16
Very useful information on trading techniques to know the direction and trend of the market is imparted the confidence levels to trade and also to understand the ways to manage risk to very minimum. Overall it gives the knowledge of the mechanism of the market in simple terms.
- P Jayakumar 19 Jan 16
It was a great learning session with Yogeshwar sir’s great skill of teaching and it was great to see the technical skill implemented in live market. At the same time I realize that it is one’s own responsibility to develop any skill in him which requires persistence and determination.
- Eshwari M 19 Jan 16
After losing hard earned money in the market. I finally decided to join Pathfinders Training to understand the market before losing more money.
- Subodh G 19 Jan 16
Before attending this session I was zero knowledge base about share market. But now I am having better knowledge to start my journey into stock market.
- Vijay R 19 Jan 2016
Initially I used to read annual reports of the company & used to go through financial statements in great detail because of my training as an chartered accountant. Having said that I introspected & came to know that I am very weak in fact have zero knowledge about technical analysis.
- Pratik O 19 Jan 16
I am extremely impressed by the agenda & the way Yogeshwar sir has presented the content in a very simple language. This training will strengthen my future trading & I feel I’ll became profit making trader from loss making novice.
- Manish R 19 Jan 16
Even though I knew about technical charts, candlesticks oscillators I was not able to apply them successfully but by joining Pathfinders classes much of my fundamentals have been cleared. I feel confident that very soon I will be able to take the trades on my own.
- Anurag T 22 Dec 15
This was a very good and a helpful course meet a lot of new and interesting person. The Sir put in a lot of program design and execute the course a lot of aspects were cleared.
- Aliabbas N 22 Dec 15
Changed my conception about trading and investing in companies. Gave insight into the technical and fundamental analysis and completely removed the use of market rumors or tips from brokers.
- Somil S 22 Dec 15
The training provided by Yogeshwar Sir was a perfect example of one stop shop to understand the fundamental & technical applications on all the major asset classes which are available for the individual investor to trade in.
- Setu S 22 Dec 15
This four days course was very useful in understanding the financial markets and the discipline the needs to have to approach the markets with the right perspective.
- Prasad S 22 Dec 15
It was a great learning experience had a lot of clarity with various technical aspects would like to associate with this group for a long time to be a successful trader.
- Paras S 22 Dec 15
The training was very useful I thank to my brother in law who had forwarded this training message and I got into this training at right time. If apply the technique taught in this training then I am sure I will be doing excellent and create good wealth.
- Nitin P 22 Dec 15
Started with zero knowledge and gained a very useful very good knowledge about stocks different type of stocks & how to deal in stocks.
- Nihal J 22 Dec 15
This training created a lot of awareness and rekindle my interest in the stock market. Very good environment, good techniques, simple yet powerful. Feel motivated to regain my financial independence and utilize my spare time professionally
- Meena K 22 Dec 15
I found this course very useful because of its rich content, compactness, simplicity, expertise and experience of the trainer. Even though I had undergone many other trainings this training added me some more insight such as fundamentals, strategies, methods.
- Kishore H 22 Dec 15
The 4 day training course has been excellent in terms of both explanation of theory and online practical. Course gives a vision and trains in the tools for making money and being financially independent to even a novice person.
- Ishan R 22 Dec 15
Good stuff to start with. Instead of loosing or doing blindly. I found this training very useful. It will help me to grow better in financially.
- Dev M 22 Dec 15
I found the training very useful for me. This four days classroom training has given me a clear understanding of the stock market and its extensions and I could learn how to work in a field of uncertainties and could get a set of tools
- Balvinder S 22 Dec 15
Mr. Vashishth Sir’s coaching was very valuable to me as I am a beginner & had almost no knowledge of trading. His training session was very insightful.
- Aparna D 22 Dec 15
Coming to Pathfinder to get a training for 4 days is and always will be much coveted training which would be life changing session for me. I am proud to say that Pathfinders are doing a great job in spreading the knowledge of stock market to masses not only by paid classroom, online training
- Anjani S 22 Dec 15
Lot of learning’s were there I take back with me a lot of knowledge. Now I am clear on fundamental analysis and I am confident of making a good portfolio on my own. First time in my life took interest in learning technical analysis.
- Anusha K 22 Dec 15
This training was as eye opener for me. I realized mistakes I have done till now in stock market. It has given me tools which I am use now to invest & trade in stock market. By attending this training I have got a goal for my life.
- Vishal S 24 Nov 15
The training is going to be helpful as we were given the thought process of successful traders FI/FII’s/DII’s. Beside we were trained on how to identify opportunities using various fundamental & technical tools which can help in doing intraday, swing trade.
- Anand B 24 Nov 15
Pathfinder Training has given me attitude to trade in market for me which is the most important thing while learning anything. it helped me finding the limitations I have in my personality & in my character which can be improved.
- Shashank M 24 Nov 15
The training makes every individual who is novice or exposed to trading a competent person to trade with sound technical analysis & fundamental analysis of stock. The course is spread very well over the four days sessions.
- Umesh B 24 Nov 15
This four days is very excellent. It can change my life. If I do work on it. These is the good way to become an own boss. I can change my own life by doing a practice which I learn from the Pathfinders Trainings from Yogeshwar Sir. My motto is that to become a successful trader like Yogeshwar Sir.
- Vijay N 24 Nov 15
I have been trading in share market for last 4-5 years as an amateur. Most of my trades were based on TV analysts & tips. As a result most of the time I ended up with losses. But there was always on urge to try to earn some extra income through trading hence I again use to invest money.
- Vasudeo B 24 Nov 15
These 4 days changed my outlook towards trading. I was made to realize that trading is a life style. I understood that trading is an emotional process represented & executed logically. Trading is not gambling. Trading is a science with its set of rules. Trading is not a goal but a means to a goal.
- Sumukhi P 24 Nov 15
This training has given me a new perspective about the stock market. I came into this learning as a novice. I learn here today with important and relevant information about stock market. This training has got me one step closer to achieving my goals which is becoming a full time trader.
- Shoheb S 24 Nov 15
Thank you for this training & module you have prepared to understand & work on this field. Hope your vision, values, systems, methods will help lot to the society.
- Saroj D 24 Nov 15
Your approach to training is incomparable. Teaching a novice is not an easy task. Four days of program has given me a direction to start my journey. Thanks for making me capable to serve our society.
- Satish S 24 Nov 15
4 days of the training was a wonderful journey very enlightening and informative. Before joining the training I was more of a speculative trader hoping for the trades to go in my favor. With this training I am more confident to take trades based on logic and sound technical analysis.
- Sachin D 24 Nov 15
Before coming to yours training classes I was doing trading as a part time trader after going through yours class I have decided to become a full time active professional trader. From last 5 years I am into trade market & I was trading only in equity segment.
- Rudraswamy
Shri Yogeshwar Vashishthaji our trainer and mentor has elaborate all the aspects of share market and explained in detail. His teaching method is really wonderful and energetic with seriousness as well as humorously with jokes.
- Ramdas S 24 Nov 15
Training was eye opening as most of the people carrying the saying as share market is the gambling zone. But its only in Pathfinders we came to know that its methodical process where an common men with no knowledge of finance money market can earn the lively hood
- Rakesh A 24 Nov 15
It was great experience in understanding about stock markets, commodity and forex. We have been given clear ideas about how be in systems, control emotions, risk management & better living our life with the help of improve profits in the market.
- Pravin B 24 Nov 15
One of the finest decisions that I have taken in my life is to attend Pathfinders Training class. The training specifically proper training made it crystal clear how the market functions and how to plan the trade and execute the plan.
- Prakash T 24 Nov 15
This is really valuable training not only in terms of trading but also for daily living. The impressive demonstration and proofs from meditations etc it is very clear that we should remain calm in any situation accepting the facts occurring or happening around us.
- Pankaj T 24 Nov 15
The fear & stress along with loss of inquisitiveness about the share market has seems to be washed away. Now I know now to look at this money mine & how to dig out money needed out of it.
- Pallavi D 24 Nov 15
The training and over all explanation of the stock market and commodity market was very, very good. Sir removed all misconceptions about the market. Live trading with the applied methods were very good. Felt as if Sir was predicting the future prices.
- Nayan L 24 Nov 15
This session on stock trading is really a Path Breaker for me. I wish & hope the teachings & tools taught are applied & benefited us. Moreover I liked sin’s way of dealing things to keep the class active. From poetry to jokes to meditation.
- Navin C 24 Nov 15
This is one of the best training course I attended in my life especially regarding stock market. Although I am into Indian Capital Market from 5-6 years this was totally a new experience for me. However I read some technical analysis tool but how to use it in practical manner I was missing.
- Mukesh R 24 Nov 15
I take the opportunity to thank god. Mr. Yogeshwar Sir, Dharmishtha madam for this life changing opportunity I got. I really believe that this is really going to change my life. Now I come to know that I was playing with fire without any safety measures.
- Manoj J 24 Nov 15
After making few thousand of loss in past may be in 6-8 years I have left trading. But being gujrati could not leave my urge to stop trading. And found in these past years that without having correct knowledge about the market & its behaving pattern along with some fundamentals
- Manish C 24 Nov 15
Excellent training for stock market trading which is based on scientific way rather than emotional. I never know that trading can be done by scientific & statistic way by which you can have minimum risk and maximum profit.
- Mandar S 24 Nov 15
Before coming to stock market is just by luck the money comes was in mind. As I serious about the skill to learn one day I got the Pathfinders address & I fixed when there will be the batch I will register for that that’s how I am here.
- Keval P 24 Nov 15
I like the method of training and cost is suitable for all kind of people. There is no barrier of language. It is very help full for all women who wants to be professional work from home. I think technique are taught are good and easy to follow. Daily practice more improve.
- Jeetu B 24 Nov 15
The training was excellent we can’t get this much in this price. Mr. Yogeshwar Sir doing amazing job to teach everybody. This is going to be a turning point in my life. At the end no words in alphabet to saying a big thank you to Sir, Dharmishtha Ma’am and rest of team.
- Jigar B 24 Nov 15
Before joining this training I am totally blank about share market and trading. I also thought same like most of the people in our country think that share market is a gamble. But after the four days training I am very much aware about share market. Many concepts, techniques taught me by Sir.
- Jaipal H 24 Nov 15
Finding a new source of income is what brought me to this training. To be financially independent without stress. The stock market is a very new area for me. With the help of the techniques taught here. I am ready to take baby steps in this direction.
- Jacinta P 24 Nov 15
I am really grateful to god that he made me meet Sir Mr. Yogeshwarji. He taught us how the money can be made on our own talent and guts so that I don’t depend on others. He helped us understand stock market and products like futures & options which are considered very risky.
- Ashwinikumar P 24 Nov 15
I Ajay working in IT from last 10 years also pursuing MBA having a good knowledge of IT industry and certain management concepts. But I was too weak in understanding stock exchange as I didn’t have any interest in going into shares & security domain.
- Ajay S 24 Nov 15
As I am a fresher and I didn’t have any idea about stock market. But I always wanted to learn the stock market techniques. So through this training I got very excellent information about the stock market techniques, rules, ideas to trade successfully in the stock market.
- Shushant M 20 Oct 15
A training that is absolutely invaluable. Really professional & methodical approach to trading & long term wealth creation through stock markets. Some of the best trading techniques applied in live markets for 2 days just makes you so comfortable
- Sridhar R 20 Oct 15
Got brief information about the market. I feel confident to enter into the market and making of portfolio watching the behavior of candlestick improved me.
- Smitha V 20 Oct 15
A very well structured program properly balancing the fundamental and technical analysis to equip the traders with required skill set. The theoretical explanation of various trading strategies coupled with live demonstration of the same during trading days is one of the best thing very few offers.
- Sandeep P 20 Oct 15
I feel this training is excellent for fresher as well as experience trader. One of the most good thing about the training is support and online sessions which is not only attract the people but it is also good for traders and learners.
- Ramakant P 20 Oct 15
Training was really very fun. Everybody thinks he knows about the stock market by selling & buying the stock that too by never making profit. And I was that from that team MBA – mere ko bahot ata hai. Yogeshwar sir has opened my eyes to kill that myth in my mind.
- Rajesh B 20 Oct 15
The training imparted was amazing. It gave an insight into stock markets the potential to earn money when trading with discipline. It taught the importance of having stop loss in place which is a big learning.
- Nitesh P 20 Oct 15
I had a bit idea of market but was not sure how to trade. I am aware if not traded properly I may loose money and hence was look for a proper mentorship which I found with Pathfinders Training.
- Manoj M 20 Oct 15
I have been trading for last 4 months thru a software-based call for buy & sell it was complete failure. I lost about 50k in short time. I lost my confidence. But after this four day course I feel I can make positive result under mentorship of Yogeshwar sir.
- Kishor K 20 Oct 15
Pathfinders Training program is a great source to understand the complex share market. It’s an eye opener as to how we can avoid taking big losses in this volatile market. With its well structured training program it makes one comfortable with share market without going into complex formulas.
- Kiran J 20 Oct 15
Working with stock market for more than 7 years in short term trading made a big losses was not able to understand the reason. After attending 4 days training with Pathfinders I came to know my mistakes. I was totally wrong on selecting my stocks and finding entry and exit.
- Kamlesh B 20 Oct 15
After this training I think it is change my life the view of making money suddenly change after these four days of training so I am looking very positive about stock market. The way sir teach us is very, very good specially the portfolio & future stock trading.
- Jatin G 20 Oct 15
Follow The Rules. This are the magic word which Yogeshwar sir may have used 100 times during 4 days training. I very well realized the importance of these words as a trader need to be very, very disciplined.
- Harish A 20 Oct 15
After finishing the course of have learnt a lot of basics and tools which will make me great trader. I specially found the way Sir had made all of the information so simple which once mastered will not take me a lot of time to recognize trade which are profitable.
- Deepak S 20 Oct 15
I feel the training was really good especially for fresher’s like me who do not trade in stock market or rather fear trading in stock market. Sir you really made the terms the concepts easier for us to understand not only theoretically but also by demonstrating live trading
- Ashwini N 20 Oct 15
I have been trading since 2009 but failed to make consistent profits but after coming to this training I can actually pinpoint where I faltered. It’s been worth travelling two thousand km.
- Anand R 20 Oct 15
This program is a good way to begin trading in the stock market. Yogeshwar sir explained the whole concepts in an easy language which made it comfortable to understand.
- Achyut R 20 Oct 15
Last 4 days was very fantastic with regards to my learning curve. As I already knew few things about technical analysis the things which taught by Yogeshwar sir will be very helpful to achieve my trading goal.
- Amit K 20 Oct 15
Training methodology is very practical as we get to see the practical application of the knowledge in live markets. We have learnt the systematic, logical approach for trading in stock market.
- Pooja J 20 Oct 15
I found the training to be one of the very few no Nonsense training which helps you understand things that you never knew and completely changes your perspective about stock market and the earning potential it offers.
- Brijeshkumar K 20 Oct 15
This training proved to be an eye-opener for me in terms of an opportunity of making money from stock market. I greatly wish Pathfinders Traders Training team success and pray for their growth.
- Gaurav T 20 Oct 15
The course is concise & an eye opener for us it opens the gateway of trading. The journey begins with the know how of the path. I feel we are path finders & the academy team are path guiders.
- Sudhir S 20 Oct 15
I would like to first thank you Yogesh sir for conducting such training sessions. After attending this only many myths related to stock market and trading is resolved. Training’s overall schedule and content was very much aligned for the person who does not have prior much knowledge about trading.
- Krupal J 20 Oct 15
This training is not just on stock market but also process the nud of a equilibrium a human needs to have to be a successful trader.
- Sachin Gaonkar 8 Sep 15
Trading was value addiction for me. I can take decision by planning. Plan my trade and plan my trade. Now I have my reason for getting into trade by analyzing trade booster & trade spoiler decision.
- Anil Mishra 8 Sep 15
In a age where trainings & workshops promise the heavens it was a very satisfying experience to experience training complimented by hard truths, practical advise and actual methods to reach a desired goal.
- Aninda Chatterjee 8 Sep 15
Main jab free seminaar main aya tab mujhe pata chala ki jab market pura girta hai tab bhi aap paisa kaise kam sakte hai. Yogeshwar sirji ne free seminar me jab sab kuch bataya tab maine thaan liya ki mujhe ek achha trader banna hai.
- Hitendra Chaudhary 8 Sep 15
Workshop was extremely good. It was helpful and practical, fundamental analysis was the key. Being from the non commerce background there was no difficulty in understanding the fundamentals which was very much simplified.
- Kushal Thakkar 8 Sep 15
This training gave me insight of the technical analysis and fundamental analysis. By this my confidence has increased and the fear toward the market has reduced.
- Nidhi Shenoy 8 Sep 15
I am Vishal Kamble. I am very thankful to Sir & Madam. Its very nice to learn from the expert. Before this I was confuse very much about how I will earn extra money to fill my goal which is related not only my self but what my family expect from me.
- Vishal Kamble 8 Sep 15
This training has opened the most awaited door for me to enter the stock market arena. It shown me the methods of trading and how to avoid losses and make profit.
- Vikas Sinha 8 Sep 15
This training has given me a very good introduction to trading techniques and tools, indicators. The application of the theory on the market charts has been especially useful. The session have been very lively even when the topics seemed very heavy to understand.
- Tulika Dayal 8 Sep 15
Pathfinders Traders Training is excellent. I must say thanks to sir and his whole team. This training is a perfect training for fresher’s as well as to the every one who lost money in market due to lack of knowledge.
- Sudha Rathod 8 Sep 15
Today I have changed the mean by share market. First I use to think share market is a gambling. I have heard many people lost money in share market also some people have become rich through share market. I wanted to make money but I was afraid to trade in share market.
- Salim Abdul Hameed 8 Sep 15
The overall package of training is well formatted. All parameters are very very well covered in discipline. Health issue stress management, risk management, markets, media, trade planning etc. I sincerely feel these events should be made available to gene X >18 years at concessional fees.
- Rajesh Deorey 8 Sep 15
The trading indicators used were relevant and useful. Risk management concept was well taught and made aware off. Patience right frame of mind and sticking to the principles and techniques can create wonders.
- Prashant Kadam 8 Sep 15
Decision to attend the training was taken in the free seminar. Managing the leaves at job I decided to attend it. After many years I was attending any sort of training.
- Prabodh Bhure 8 Sep 15
Working as an investment banker & graduated from Coventry university always searching for a course where I will actually learn how to trade & what to trade.
- Sandeep Suman 8 Sep 15
Yes, it’s really possible to have a 1 Cr portfolio and the training and guidance from Pathfinders can surely make that possible. Till date stock market and trading was not for me. But that was my perception.
- Amit Rane 8 Sep 15
I am no virgin in the stock market or in the dourine of trading. However it was mostly on the basis of self-study and self awareness. That was more like fishing in muddy waters. Even if you have the necessary tools you are not in a position to catch the fish.
- Pradeep Kumar 8 Sep 15
I have been trading in share market for some years now. But it was done in most random manner without much seriousness. But it definitely fascinated me. Now after this training I realize how ill-literate I was about this field.
- Anjali Bhagwat 8 Sep 15
I would like to thank Pathfinders and Yogeshwar sir for this wonderful learning opportunity. When I attended the free workshop I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness and the price for the full workshop but
- Bonny Antony 8 Sep 15
The methods which pathfinders academy teaches us are amazing. Trading is not at all gambling & we can make good amount rather said lots of money by applying these rules. We didn’t predict market here. They teach us to flow with this market.
- Shweta Dalvi 8 Sep 15
Overall fantastic experience. From last one year I was not comfortable with my job always try to think to open company or switch the company. But switching company is little difficult. But doing job I got the opportunity to work for myself to work on my dreams.
- Kishor Mungelwar 8 Sep 15
By attending pathfinders training session I feel more secure little bit knowledgeable. This course is very useful to me. I would definitely recommend to a friend or someone who is willing to learn stock market.
- Durai Nadar 18 Aug 15
This trading was excellent. Lot of new thing have learnt by me in this four days. My trading life will be entirely different from now onwards. Thanks.
- Dr. Jitendra Ashtekar 18 Aug 15
The course of trading on stocks & future sounds to be pretty common in a city like mumbai. When I came to the introductory held 2 weeks back. I was in an impression that like most introductory this would be regular gimmick of selling a trading account at the end.
- Vishal Chokshi 18 Aug 15
I found this training very useful excellent for beginner till expert level. The topics covered in this training are very good. After 4 days of training I am very excited to continue learning and apply in action.
- Nitin Sakhare 18 Aug 15
This training has provided me a detailed insight into the stock market. Now at least I am able to understand what by broker is talking about. I am saved from being robbed off my hard earned money.
- Namrata Yaduvanshi 18 Aug 15
Most impressive workshop ever attended by myself. Generally we are taught methods. Here for the first time the guidance is continued in a phrased manner. The subject of stock trading though sounding difficult is made to look so simple
- Mahendra Arora 18 Aug 15
From this training of Pathfinders I have gathered enough material to get myself started with action & corrective actions. Approach of mentor was not to make one dependent on his decision making ability & that made me feel comfortable.
- Komal Avashia 18 Aug 15
I have been learning of stock market training from several persons and friends. So many people has recommended various personalities for such training. Many people give training free of cost but I have seen that everything they taught is like tips they give for buy & sales.
- Jagdish Dhada 18 Aug 15
Training is really good which boost up not only knowledge but also given and boost up confidence. Not only that but it is really useful to minimize the risk by risk management & planned loss for good healthy wealth and rich portfolio.
- Bhargav Trivedi 18 Aug 15
I loved the training session to learn technicals in a systamatic way. I am having experience of 10 years in the market with burnt fingers with loosing money. My methods was wrong no risk management.
- Akshay Seksaria 18 Aug 15
The USP of the training is the focus on discipline & process driven approach for decision making in order to execute the trade. The principles have been simple with enough repetition to ensure they are remembered well. The lure of gift/prize for doing homework has been very exciting.
- Vrushali 15 Aug 15
One fine day I received message on my phone regarding stock market training and that too traders training. Two things stuck my mind name Pathfinder and Traders Training. So I went to website and did some reading about courses offer and nature of them.
- Trigun Nivargi 18 Aug 15
A very good session. I come to the session with zero knowledge of stock market but with help of Sir’s live trading session and colorful presentation I can somewhat have a idea how the stock market works.
- Shubha Susir 18 Aug 15
Yes, one should go for this training once in a life time. It is my life changing programme. I come here with zero knowledge about stock exchange.
- Siva N B 18 Aug 15
I found this training very useful and up to mark. If we sincerely follow him & do as per his saying we are definitely going to benefit out of it. A training of practical approach & live session has helped us a lot from making losses in stock market to gain profit & controlling your emotions.
- Shiv Ratan Singhi 18 Aug 15
Thanks for teaching us all the observation in the stock actually we were doing stock but placing it blindly on the recommendation of the brokers & friends without knowing how to check the companies and their movements with this study it make all the sense to understand trading indebts details
- Saikrishan Bhatia 18 Aug 15
Excellent training by Yogeshwar Sir. So much of information from beginner level to professional level has been provided in 4 days. Many aspects of risk management were covered by Sir. We have several stock market workshop in the market
- Sachin Chavan 18 Aug 15
I was able to get in connection with Yogeshwar Sir in the first five minutes on the day 1 and these four days was a fun filled with a lot of learning. Never ever thought that such a dangerous market who has done a lot of damage to a lot many people
- Mayank Gola 18 Aug 15
Before attending this program I was not aware of T as trading. Being a total fresher today I have been able to have an insight into various technology of the stock market and learnt few concepts.
- Leeroy Pinto 18 Aug 15
I was percieving trading as gambling or something which run with by taking tips from brokers. But I am totally wrong as the approach presented/explained by Mr. Yogeshwar is scentific based and uses intelligent tools to make your decisions free of risk and rational
- Kashyap Makwana 18 Aug 15
In these four days I got an excellent understanding of manging the risk. And how to apply the technicals in a disciplined way can multiply my capital multifold.
- Atul Srivastava 18 Aug 15
My only regret is that why didn’t I get to meet Pathfinders Trainings earlier. I am extreamly satisfied and happy to be amongst the best trainer who not only teaches you how to make money
- Ankur Jain 18 Aug 15
A difficult topic was made so simple enjoyed the 4 days of training. This program has given me the confidence to approach the stock market in the most practical manner. The program has an adequate blend of theory & practicals.
- Abraham Verghese 18 Aug 15
Amazing openings to generate income both full time and part time through methodical learning this is what Pathfinders have provided me in just span of 4 days.
- Reetu Singh 14 Jul 15
My first feelings one of the right decision I have taken is to join this training. I have been doing trading since last one year and is making profits as well. But I always knew there are things I am missing. I would have been well. My trading journey would have been incomplete without this training
- Amit Kumar 14 Jul 15
This is an excellent program for everybody to attend for making your investment decisions maybe short term or long term. For professional traders, portfolio managers this is must. The program is so good that I should have done it decade before.
- Suresh Suralkar 14 Jul 15
The session was well organized and designed It was a very lively session and interesting too. Though the 1st day of session 1st half found little easy to understand but as the day got completed found it little difficult.
- Mayur Negandhi 14 Jul 15
I was very skeptical to join this course. Once I saw Sir’s online session webinar I decided to attend the workshop and then there was not looking back. It was a different learning experience than my other technical courses. I intend to start this as part time and gradually move to full time.
- Amitkumar Dokwal 14 Jul 15
First of all thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Vashishtha. As your name indicates it indeed mean Pathfinders. It’s like here journey/ turning point in career/professional life. Your tag line hence to be proven.
- Manish Linge 14 Jul 15
It was overall very good experience. The strong heard and what they are in real markets came to know in this training/mentoring session. For example very big names listed in market are what in real testing scanner of fundamentals found to be very poor performing or even not all.
- Makrand Joshi 14 Jul 15
Few months now. I did make good money but equally made good losses. Somehow had lost in the belief of making money in market. I felt if market gives you money it also knows to take it back. It was a complete twist for me when I attended this workshop. I would see all the silly mistakes I made.
- Naina Salian 14 Jul 15
I want you to know how much beneficial this course was. Since I don’t belong from this field I find it little difficult to cope up. But as time passed it was easy understood. I like the teaching methods & technique. Dharmishtha was very co-operative through out.
- Priyal Saigaonkar 14 Jul 15
A great trainer who trains by considering the trainee needs. Have good experience in the field of trading. Yogeshwar sir trains the different trading tool & how to use them in the combination for a successful trade. He has good training way which suits a fresher & a trader.
- Pravin Rathod 14 Jul 15
4 Days session was very informative. I realized many things need to be known technically and fundamentally in order to take a proper trade. Each topic was explained in simple way and hence was easily understood.
- Maithili Janye 14 Jul 15
After attending this training I feel why I was not aware earlier about Pathfinders. But whatever happens for its best. Now I came to know that trading is not gamble its art if learn understand and apply in proper manner.
- Sunjay Shindey 14 Jul 15
As a fascinated trader in past I have came to know about Pathfinders seminar and later on decided to get train myself for concrete second source of income. In mid 2008 to 2010 I have started myself trading with group of friends, colleagues and got some income as well as lost the same too.
- Mahesh Shinde 14 Jul 15
Very good interactive and structured training with teaching of concepts which can be applied in trade to get excellent result.
- Sarfaraz Vanjara 16 Jun 15
Pathfinders 4 days training is very good we learned lots of new things from this training. Also what are the techniques we learn are not only theory also test in live market which is great.
- Sachin Dhopat 16 Jun 15
The learning from the training seems to have opened the door for 2nd source of income. If practiced well I see it becoming primary source of income very soon.
- Amjad Palitana 16 Jun 15
The training was very detailed. I come here with zero idea about the stock market but now I am very confident about this field.
- Upamanyu Sarkar 16 Jun 15
Overall format good. Brought a perspective on trading methods/techniques are good liked the approach. Complex earlier working easy now. After this training I gained more on technicals charts and methods.
- Ateeque Momin 16 Jun 15
This training is quite useful to those who have already some trading experience and knowledge. For novice people the spread of the training needs to be increased to at least 10 days if not 15 days.
- Sharadkumar Buwa 16 Jun 15
It gave me an insight about the stock market the outlines i.e. how do you enter the equity market. It is a long journey but at least I will not loose money from now onwards while trading in stock market.
- Harish Shah 16 Jun 15
The course is eye opener and excellent to understand the stock market. It teaches you the risk management and that is the most important thing in training.
- Hemant Kumar 16 Jun 15
This training contains almost everything to become good trader. Practical sessions was excellent. Hats off to Sir four days one mentor unique & best approach to learn trading at a stretch.
- Pravin Bhor 16 Jun 15
This training gives by Yogeshwar Sir was an excellent one. I got to know about many things which I was totally unaware of. The efforts put into the study material was very precise in effective to understand.
- Denzyl Carl 16 Jun 15
According to me this training was amazing. As a beginner & being completely new to trading I had too many questions & doubts as to whether I will be able to grasp the concept of trading. However today on the last day I can confidently say that all my doubts are cleared.
- Casilda D’souza 16 Jun 15
Learning in the last four days will definitely help me improve my trading & investment. The best thing about the training was the portfolio building with the use of simple indicator I e. super trend indicator stocks like Lycos and Hind Composite could give returns of 74 times and 37 times
- Sumit 16 Jun 15
In the last 4 days I have learnt many aspects of share trading. This training has given me the confidence that if all this techniques are learnt and practiced properly I can become a disciplined trader. All the techniques were taught by in a very simple and understandable way.
- Kishore Nair 26 May 15
I learned lots about investing & stock market. I wish I would have attended earlier. Information provided during course are very useful in understanding & applying in market. I am planning to learn further & applied knowledge to build up my portfolio
- Mukesh Shah 26 May 15
It was a very good workshop where something important as trading was made learn us by Mr. Yogeshwar in a very cute manner. I personally liked the way he conducts the training which is different from the league.
- Gurdeep Singh Bhogal 26 May 15
The takeaway for me from this course is Hope for the Best but prepared for the Worst. Profit making is a skill through stop loss and trailing stop loss which I am now thorough with.
- Ambika Poojari 26 May 15
Before attain this paid sessions May 2015 batch I enter stock market last 5 years loose huge hard earned money without educate. After attain I started studying on the available dates & under the guidance of Sir.
- Kunal Kamble 26 May 15
I see this training as an excellent opportunity to clear one’s concepts of stocks and derivatives trading. Yogeshwar Sir has been a brilliant teacher who not only taught but has also motivated me to pursue a full time career in trading. Life trading sessions held by Sir have been the most useful.
- Tushar Gupta 26 May 15
Knowledge and vision are the words I can remember while writing this testimonial. It has been a great fortune for me to be in company with Yogeshwar Sir for last four days and he is one of the best visionary and honest leaders I have come across.
- Lalit Dubey 26 May 15
Hey guys I choose Pathfinders Trainings among the other two institute Online Trading Academy and Dhanashree Academy based on the content that was advertised and set up on the website no other course or institute gave a complete panel of courses in one go as this.
- Vignesh Manjunath 26 May 15
Dear Pathfinders founder Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha. You have designed very solid & concert crash course. It is really very helpful to me. I was in search of this kind of training that you have given.
- Atul Patel 26 May 15
Being a non trader and not a participant in the stock market I found this training to be very useful in not just educating me but showing how things can be done practically. I had read a few articles/blogs before coming for the training and had a picture of the stock market in mind.
- Somprabh Jha 26 May 15
I was new to this market I knew absolutely nothing about stocks and other products. I use to think stocks which are going high are best to buy because they will go higher and stocks which are down are useless and I cannot make money from such stocks. But now I have a completely changed opinion.
- Ashish Chaure 26 May 15
Very useful educative and informative workshop of stock market trading and it is the boon for a novice and amateur like me who did not know even the basic of stock trading.
- Ananthnarayan Iyer 26 May 15
I have been trading since last one year but suffering losses & not making money. Living with low confidence about the market. I came to know about the free training session by Pathfinders. I attended the introductory seminar & I decided to join the class.
- Dr Sumit Avhad 26 May 15
It was privileged to be here totally new field & new terminology for me. But of the end of the fourth day I am quiet satisfied and confident. Because Sir has build the confidence that regular studies and after that regular practice can make you skillful.
- Mrs. Manjusha Bhivagaje 26 May 15
The course covers the different aspects of the trading and a whole give a big picture about the stock market and trading. This course is so well designed that I think it is the only training course available in market in India.
- Ajitkumar Borde 26 May 15
This is the first training centre from where I have learned/taken stock market training. The coaching here I would say best in Mumbai maybe in India. The way this program/training has drafted and conducted in 4 days is best.
- Manish More 26 May 15
I found this class is very useful for those who want to understand the share market. Before today I see market daily and make guesses that this is the best share I should buy but now after this classes I am able to select the best shares for making money.
- Anshul Saxena 26 May 15
Yogeshwar Sir had used very nice techniques to train all about the stock, commodity, currency & F&O market. Sir have very efficient & supportive team both at training & in office. Would like to thank Yogeshwar sir, Dharmishtha mam, Nikhil, Gopal & each team member for all their support & guidance.
- Ramesh Chamola 26 May 15
I started my trading past one month enjoyed initially for some days by making some small profits one day the market gone against me putting me into big loss there I realize that market study is must and I took it seriously. Then I started watching market without trading.
- Rahul Umredkar 26 May 15
Excellent training covers all topics equity, futures, option, commodity currency along with technical and fundamental ananlysis and the required tools to use for decision making to become a professional trader.
- Pradeep Dhote 26 May 15
Been in the industry for more than 10 years and I never thought I could get so many value from this course. Generally all trainers focus more on generating profits but Yogesh Sir’s focus on managing losses & proper risk management.
- Shyam Sundaram 26 May 15
One of the best trainings that I have attended with a genuine teacher. Sir is absolutely knowledgeable and the teaching practical & simple for a person without any background in trading. This course is a blessing. This course is worth much more that what we paid for it. Thanks.
- Sunil Thomas 26 May 15
I was referred to Pathfinders by my cousins. I just attended the introductory class not knowing or sure about how it will be. But I was so impressed by the way Sir conducted it that I didn’t think twice before deciding to be a part of the training.
- Nilesh Idnani 14 Apr 15
As everyone knows & aware about how market works. Even I was aware about it but an eye opener way of Pathfinders methodological approach made me aware of the things & myths about to beware of i.e. Risks & opportunities what one tend to miss.
- Dinesh Zope 14 Apr 15
The training was very useful and I now know about different tools which may help me to take right decision and also to follow discipline. I can at least build up my portfolio now confidently.
- Sangeeta Patil 14 Apr 15
Change is the only permanent thing. I wanted to do something different which will give me satisfaction along with some good money. I am ex. Banker had worked for 36 years & always had to work under the people who were so called knowledgeable people known as bosses. i.e. zonal managers.
- Mandakini Salvi 14 Apr 15
Hi, I am Bharat Rajhbhar. Before joining this training program I never realized the importance of putting a stop loss. Trading since 2009 made so much of loss my capital & the amount in profit.
- Bharat Rajbhar 14 Apr 15
I am very much happy to be part of this training session because it has changed the way I used to look at the share market and share trading business. The method and techniques taught here are so simple that anybody can take benefit of it while selecting or getting into any trade.
- Deepak Sahni 14 Apr 15
This four day training by Yogeshwar Sir has unravel the mystery of the stock market for me. The big secret he had told us is that to make money in the market you must be open to losing the money.
- Murlidhar Kaja 14 Apr 15
This has been the best training session ever. All thanks to the couch who has explained every thing in a simple way which made understanding the stock market in a easy & simplified way. The intraday training session was mind blowing
- Ravi Bhavnani 14 Apr 15
Before joining Pathfinders I was doing trading in unorganized & indiscipline manner which converted my portfolio into losses. But from the very 1st day intact from introductory class one sentence was hammered again & again No Big Losses.
- Vinayak Chindarkar 14 Apr 15
I find this training is best of the best trainings which clear out all the myths about market mainly it is not gambling. It is pure business. By attending this training anyone can make good money if he/she follows the rules, methods taught by Sir.
- Nilesh Zope 14 Apr 15
Pathfinders Traders Training has made me aware of things, qualities I should be imbibing for becoming a good trader. I am sure by following the mentoring model I would be a trader who is in control of not only his trades, losses or risks but also his emotions.
- Sanjeev Deshpande 14 Apr 15
I have come here to understand the stock market & to benefit from it. I wanted to make a alternate source of income to support my existing business income as I am facing lot of challenges in my business.
- Milind Karangutkar 14 Apr 15
I consider myself lucky got to know about Pathfinders Trainings and am very impressed by Sir’s teaching style and techniques. Earlier when ever I use to hear the word stock market I used to think its not my cup of tea
- Rajhkumar Singh 14 Apr 15
Excellent training conducted with a great hospitality. Earlier I made a losses but now understood how to minimize it & keep traders mindset how to free capital & reinvest it smartly in intraday positions.
- Ganesh Dhuri 14 Apr 15
Very good content with a detail analysis on all products which can be traded. As thought from besides very helpful for beginners. A practical experience can be obtained from this course.
- Yogesh Redkar 10 Feb 15
I did not have any prior trading experience in stock market before coming to this training. Fear of market crash made me look only at government assured securities. But with training from Yogeshwar Sir has given me new insight at investment strategies, tactics and opportunities.
- Sujeet Luman 10 Feb 15
I have never used any technical analysis nor any fundamental analysis in my past trade, in my portfolio. But after learning simple ways of doing technical analysis and fundamental analysis I could now make my portfolio even better.
- Rohan Patil 10 Feb 15
The name Pathfinders Trainings is really suitable for this institute. I have done some courses on technical analysis but here what I learnt is really mind blowing.
- Sudhir Nikam 10 Feb 15
Eye opener for me. Bad impression about stock market vanished. Want to associate with you for life long mentoring. Pathfinders Trainings will achieve newer and greater heights in the days to come.
- R Venkataraman 10 Feb 15
I feel that Pathfinders Trainings is an excellent way to overcome one’s internal fears and insecurity. Especially those who believe in wealth creation and manage their portfolios professionally well on their own.
- Sandeep Bhatia 10 Feb 15
I have been trading and investing in the stock market for last 10 years, since I have a good network of 15-20 brokers and friends. I used to call them regularly and discuss with them on the tips what their biggest client is buying.
- Saaurabh Pradhaan 10 Feb 15
Training was very good well organized. Contents were good covering all aspects of trading. Venue and arrangement were good. Online live trading sessions were very helpful in understanding the theory and was unique compared to other trainer in similar area.
- Bhaurao Satam 10 Feb 15
After 4 days of training. I just said to myself about applying some systematic rules with common sense, that’s it. Thank you Yogeshwar Sir for enlightening me with the trading techniques in a very simple manner.
- Prince Ashish Kumar 10 Feb 15
The four day training was a confidence booster for me, Now I know that even been right for 50% of the time still I can make money. Importance of stop loss and capital protection.
- Sachin Misal 10 Feb 15
This 4 day course at Pathfinders has taught me so much about stock market. My misconception that stock market is only gambling is cleared. I now understand that through fundamental and technical analysis stock market is a professional field.
- Kavitta Pradhaan 10 Feb 15
The stock market training of Pathfinders is very good I have only one word for it perfect. Never thought trading can be so easy but after attending this class now I think so. The live trading session by the sir is the icing on the cake, no other institute provides that.
- Vikrant Sawant 10 Feb 15
Excellent eye opening 4 days of vigorous training. This has made the myths of the share market absolutely negative. It looks like trading has been made so easy, provided that proper discipline and rules are followed.
- Chandrachur Roy 10 Feb 15
This training reminds of my car driving learning experience. Initially I learnt it from an average motor training school which just got me a license but did not make me skilled driver later a professional driver taught me and I could feel the difference.
- Vipul Mehta 10 Feb 15
The course is very useful for every one in stock market. One concept I learnt which is very useful is how to trail stop loss by which we can reduce losses. Also portfolio building details are very good.
- Jitendra Awate 10 Feb 15
I searching for such training on internet I found so many trainers with big amount of training charges but you doing this job with such a low cost with high quality service. I learned lot of things here which I never know before.
- Vinayak Borkar 10 Feb 15
Before coming here I was Eklavya trying to learn from various sources but now I have found Dronacharya whose teaching and methods should surely help me to be an Arjun. I definitely want to make this my life changing learning. Thank you.
- Dilip Bhatia 10 Feb 15
I am finding it difficult to continue in the NGO which I am working and was thinking as to what to do if I quit. I did the Pathfinders course and at the end of the session I feel that I have found an alternate path through which my journey can continue.
- Shashikant Shah 23 Dec 14
I was researching on capital market education opportunities over the internet for quite sometimes. Hit upon Pathfinders was impressed by the credentials of sir and his team and above all the quality and the depth of knowledge about capital markets
- Vinay Kaimal 23 Dec 14
Best training just go for it. Excellent opportunity just grab it as soon as possible. Very good tutorials do not think twice and enrolled it now. Made my mind as my full time profession as trader after the training. Got the right information to make me decision final.
- Usha Dedhia 23 Dec 14
As right mentioned by Yogeshwar sir a secondary skill to earn money should be had to fall back on. The skills, techniques, steps, methodologies, taught in the 4 day extensive Pathfinders workshop by Yogeshwar sir is absolutely class apart.
- Sumeet Vakatkar 23 Dec 14
I attended an introductory session about 4 months ago on my father’s insistence & was extremely skeptical about the whole idea as some of the things he described about the course sounded too good to be true.
- Shirish Gokhale 23 Dec 14
There comes a moment in life which brings about a major change for me this is that moment. Pathfinders Trainings is that positive change for me. I can see only huge potential for success from here onwards given the methodologies and tools that have been introduced to in a very professional manner.
- Rajesh Sharma 23 Dec 14
The objective of attending this training was to understand & apply a scientific approach to trading & investing rather than relying on news & tips. I also want to explore other markets like F&O, Commodities, Forex etc. I am happy to share that the above objectives have been met.
- Mrugesh Ganglani 23 Dec 14
The first thing after the introductory workshop the old thinking that share market trading is gambling is cleared. It was not gambling. What are the tools ways & methods which you require to become a trader?
- Milind Chiplunkar 23 Dec 14
I feel really luck to have joined Pathfinders Training. Now I can expect my dreams to come true. I never thought that making money could be so easy just by following few rules and techniques. From today I start my journey of becoming an independent trader. Thank you sir.
- Meghna Pawar 23 Dec 14
The training was good. It gave me a vast knowledge about stock market. How it behaves the pattern and all could be easily understandable using Pathfinders methods could hopefully help me to succeed as a trader.
- Kshama Shetye 23 Dec 14
The overall experience of the Pathfinders training was very much informative, interactive, disciplined as well as chilling out maybe in form of cracking jokes by sir, meditation, interactive session, peace of mind, personal as well as professional touch and knowledgeable in every aspect
- Ashish Gawde 23 Dec 14
I entered the market one year back by taking stocks based on tips received from various sources I made profit in some and losses in the rest. Its only after attending the pathfinder course I realized that I was just lucky wherever I made profits.
- Anand Patil 23 Dec 14
Before entering to class for training I was in the impression that stock market is a gamble totally depend on the tips from friends, brokers etc. But when I attended the training I came to know it is totally depend on the analysis.
- Amit Shringarpure 23 Dec 14
Sharekhan software is very useful and friendly for working professionals as well as layman. Training is designed very well wish I could have more days of training face to face.
- Neha Rambhia 16 Dec 14
It is the course of 4 days which directed my view to see the stock market as a challenge lots of opportunities of making wealth by practicing seriously.
- Prasad Risbud 16 Dec 14
For a complete fresher like me many misunderstandings were cleaned with the useful concept & tricks. Though, the training was very detailed & elaborate.
- Harindra Pandya 16 Dec 14
I learn lot of points regarding how to become a good trader. What is the importance of training program. Clear my lots of negative thought about share market. This program, I found training program in genuinely give trust worthy advice & directions to us.
- Ranjeet Negi 16 Dec14
Yogeshwar Sir has deep understanding of the various techniques/tool for trading in stock market. He is explaining the concepts in a pretty simple manner. The course structure is pretty perfect. The concepts learnt needs to be revised to be able to apply.
- Mehul Dubal 16 Dec 14
I found Pathfinders Training extremely educational. The fear of share market is reduced drastically sir makes it so sample & easy to understand.
- Swapna Karulkar 16 Dec 14
Pathfinders Training program helped me understand the market in a better way and how one can succeed in the market by following trade practices taught by Yogeshwar sir and Pathfinders team.
- Umesh S - 14 Oct 14
At the age of 50, I was searching a new support for the survival in life. I have been introduced the stock market business.
- Yashwant D - 14 Oct 14
Excellent training. I am not sure I can attend the four full day training but I like very much in first day and mentor excellent teacher Yogeshwar sir.
- Wajid S - 14 Oct 14
Sir, I am thankful for the training provided to me. It has boosted my confidence to go ahead. However as a fresher I feel it can be taken on a slow track with easy more easy terms to understand.
- Sanjeev A - 14 Oct 14
Myself SK Mursid Ali, I am job oriented now. I keen interested in stock market but I was searching from last 6 month that platform to unlock my potential. Now I thanks to Pathfinders to give me the unbelievable knowledge about stock market trading with the help of very useful tools and techniques.
- Mursid A - 14 Oct 14
Till date I joined the training I was considering stock market as gambling. The perception has completely changed and now I take it as a business or systematic & logical application of mind to earn money.
- Makrand S - 14 Oct 14
I am a house wife, always sitting at home and routine life. I thought I want to do some thing for myself and make platform. I came know about Pathfinders through afraid.
- Kavitha K - 14 Oct 14
My experience with stock market was completely nil. Although I had read a lot on stock market investing I wasn’t really clear on how things exactly worked. I was completely lost thinking how the virtual electronic transfer of money happens through buying and selling of stocks.
- Huindrom B - 14 Oct 14
Pathfinders Trainings is very useful. Lot of information regarding the market we could gain. The training given by sir Yogeshwar Vashishtha was very informative and so he made the concept of trading very easy.
- Anita G - 14 Oct 14
I found the training very useful. It was an eye opener for me because till now I was trading, investing through tips/instinct etc. Where always majority of the time, I made a loss.
- Ashesh K - 14 Oct 14
Enter into a new world of self confidence and be financial independent & relayed. This can be the exact credit in words I would like to say. The four day training by the Pathfinders Trainings session has made a tremendous change in me.
- V Venkataraman - 19 Aug 14
Education is key to handle activity in better way. There are many myths of market stock, commodity, currency. This training was an eye opener. More analysis and research is required. One identified potential earning scripts then came managing risk.
- Santosh S - 19 Aug 14
People considering trading as a gambling equivalent. I was fed this same theory. After joining this training I was jolted back to reality on the very first day itself. If you are in complete control of your trades, how is it gambling?
- Sandeep B - 19 Aug 14
This was an excellent learning experience. Had for many years been interested in the market but never had any formal or methodical knowledge of how it worked. Little learning or knowledge is a dangerous thing in the market because it is your money at risk.
- Saikat S - 19 Aug 14
The training mainly teaches about managing the risk. If the risk is managed systematically the profit can be ensured and in worst cases, if at all a loss is incurred, would be of small amount.
- S N Katkar - 19 Aug 14
I can say this is the best training that I have attended. It allows me to do share market without any fear. It also give me a confident that share trading can also be a profession and we have a passion to achieve it.
- Rohit S - 19 Aug 14
I am working as a HR-Recruiter in a company. I am doing good but I am not able to give much time to my family. So I thought I will do something, through which I can earn also and give more time to my personal life. Share market is a word people are scared of.
- Reshma B - 19 Aug 14
A must do course for all. This course truly changes your traditional thought about trading. It not only gives you a new perspective about stock markets also ensures your readiness to plunge into this field with proper tools & guidance
- Priti C - 19 Aug 14
I have been trading in share market for last two years but actually what is stock market I come to know after attending Pathfinders Trainings classes.
- Premnath M - 19 Aug 14
Pathfinders Trainings program of 4 days happened to be a path breaking activity for me. The program helped me to change my attitude towards the proper trouble free, tension free life. I have become serious and know how to stop loosing my hard earned money in the market.
- Prakash N - 19 Aug 14
I am not new to the stock market. I used to buy stocks recommended by brokers. If in loss felt bad to square off & held till date. Was not a aggressive trader but a by chance investor who used to invest using mind of others. After coming I getting trained at Pathfinders.
- Patrick A - 19 Aug 14
Being a engineer project background, was unknown to this field. As a bad experience of surrounding people & their seeing their worst condition (financial) was not interested in this field. But after attending free seminar conducted by a mentor from my same field.
- Mahesh B - 19 Aug 14
This is good training course not only for the beginners but for the people who are aware and trade in the stock market. This course stress on a trading system which are best for any time frame trading as well as per portfolio building.
- Kishor L - 19 Aug 14
There has been a paradigm shift into the approach towards looking at the market and research methods. There are various tools available for trading in the market which were not known to me earlier, now with the use of those tools & techniques anybody can easily make money in the market.
- Jitendra S - 19 Aug 14
I have invested in equities since the last few years hoping to build a portfolio for the future. This course has shown that only I myself can take responsibility for the money which is entirely mine.
- Jerry B - 19 Aug 14
Excellent tools has been taught which helps us to minimize risk and maximize profit which develops confidence. Training taught me that you can use stock market as a regular source of income with due diligence. Risk management & properly planning you will not loose your money in market.
- Ganesh A - 19 Aug 14
This was wonderful experience for me truly speaking. I was forced by my husband to do it because I was having a common mindset of trading is gambling. But the most important thing it was really amazing. I can now stand my own business and become independent.
- Anshul K - 19 Aug 14
Pathfinders Training was excellent & this has given me the right choice of looking forward for my part time income. Even this has given me my future goal and plan. Thanking you Pathfinders for broading my goal & vision towards my carrier.
- Raghvendra - 17 Jun 14
An excellent coaching for anyone interested in learning trading without exposing self to losses and stress. The course contents have been very well taught of to include entire field of trading and live trades conducted in the class to familiar with process
- Sunil P - 17 Jun 14
This training program is a good stepping stone for people who are really serious in learning the knowledge of trading in a market filled with wolves and bears who would like to eat up your money from illiterate traders who do not know the abc of trading and are literally gambling in this market.
- Zarir V - 17 Jun 14
It totally changed the approach to share trading. It has developed confidents. It techniques & disciplined taught are used can make miracle. Simple and great approach to trading. Thanks to sir for his guidance
- Hemachandra T -17 Jun 14
Before attending Pathfinders Training I was not knowing any think about trading. Now we know how to make trade planning how to made charts how to shortlist the stock how to manage risk control loss and increase profit
- Hemanth P - 17 Jun 14
The training provided by Yogeshwar Sir was very very informative and useful. I have been investing in the market since last 8 years but without any direction. It was totally based on intuition, tips or some fundamentals analysis.
- Abhishek T - 17 Jun 14
Training was excellent it was very simple cover almost every aspect of trading. It give us a platform to be a trader by minimizing risk and controlling them and converting them to profits and be a successful trader with the help of risk management.
- Haresh D - 17 Jun 14
The contents of this course are very simple easy to understand and very easy to use. Following the system taught can result in very little loss & can lead to huge profits. Trade identification method is very easy and dependence on others is not required.
- Anil B - 17 Jun 14
Pathfinders Training is based on solid research demonstrated through workable method. The training teaches the principles on which trading should be done. The way techniques have been designed in assures if somebody deligent in following the principles then profits will automatically come
- Jayesh P - 17 Jun 14
The training conducted by sir is very effective. As a novice I was unaware about various terms of stock market and how to trade in market in a designed way.
- Suresh C - 17 Jun 14
Sir you have taught us how to become a trader that too with less losses by Risk Management & high probability of more profit. Our general understanding of there is a big loss in trading or trader always make loss is now no more valid.
- Manish M - 17 Jun 14
It has been a wonderful experience to get a knowledge on trading and most importantly in a practical way. I was a novice trader to start with and having enjoyed the world of trading I wanted to have a formal trading and some mentoring to sharpen my trading skills so that I can become an independent
- Sherry K - 17 Jun 14
It was a great experience to attend this workshop and watching live trading session. I get to learn new techniques of trading & risk management also which would helps tremendously to me while trading.
- Manoj G - 17 Jun 14
Until I joined this training I used to feel that I will never be able to do share trading because it is confirmed to a particular community. Also I thought it is pure luck & gamble since my temperament is defensive & security oriented, share trading seemed a distant horizon.
- Janet B - 21 Oct 14
Being from a technology background I was not aware that the trading systems actually work on techniques. In the past I had come across colleagues and based on their discussion I always thought that trading is nothing but gambling.
- Joel B - 21 Oct 14
It was really very unique experience joining this class which had changed my life vision. Stock market about everyone was against me saying this field is not for you my family and friends everyone was again explain to leave studying and trading this field since all long time I seen a loser.
- Kapil B - 21 Oct 14
I have been a trader in my hobby skills. Now I may trade with good knowledge of some tools like candlestick, trends, bollinger bands, etc. I hope i will be able to enjoy trading of stocks, commodities and currency with ease.
- Vijay K - 21 Oct 14
When I came to Pathfinders Trainings I was totally zero in the field of trading I didn't even know the basic terms of this subject but now I am confident that I can do it.
- Nilesh S - 21 Oct 14
It's really a very good training on stock market trading. All the terms which are very important to be in a trade are very well taught. Before taking any trade how to analyse it for why should take this trade.
- Nitin B - 21 Oct 14
I was always unaware that technical analysis could get good deals & always thought that fundamentals and indepth valuation techniques are the only way to go. But in this training I realize that systematic technical approach can also yield profits.
- Renita P 21 Oct 14
To start with, I really had no intention of getting into share market. It all started when I attended a free workshop of Yogeshwar sir in may 2014. It took me 6 months to actually enroll myself for this training.
- Shardul N - 21 Oct 14
After numerous session and workshop over past many years it was my first session where we were truly guided in live markets and this is where UCP of Pathfinders is. All the concept we picked up in two day workshop were guided in live market and best part is that we made money.
- Vivek K - 21 Oct 14
Pathfinders training was a life changing experience. All the concepts were very well explained. The training was practical and very easy to apply in the stock market.
- Sudhindra A - 21 Oct 14
Trading is a profession known for its highs and lows. It is notorious for losses more than profits. The entire idea of trading always appealed to me but I was adamant about one thing I would not venture into without formal training.
- Sonam D - 21 Oct 14
Four days training in trading has given me insight into products other than stock, i.e. futures, options, commodity & forex. The best part of this program is that the mentorship is offered to all students for lifetime.
- Sharad G - 21 Oct 14
How we can make it effective/profitable loss is part of trade, I learnt this very well. Chart is base of all trade we can combine it with fundamental this will help me to have good portfolio.
- Rajesh C - 21 Oct 14
Pathfinders Trader Training I have attended by me first time thane. During four days training sir have explained all fundamentals & technical details very simple way that anyone can learn & start trading in stock market.
- Gajanan K - 21 Oct 14
I have been doing trading since last 4-5 years without any knowledge and proper training I used to trade via tips, economic times, t.v channels and most of the times I lost more of my hard earned money.
- Dinesh S - 21 Oct 14
I am professional working in private sector for last 20 years. I was doing little trading but not any professional knowledge of the market. After completing Pathfinders training of 4 days I have built in the confident that I will make money consistently in stock market.
- Dilip V - 21 Oct 14
This is an excellent program, it removes lot of myth that are associated to this line. In fact being into is kind of a profession with purpose that benefit individual as well we participate in nation global growth.
- Devendra Y - 21 Oct 14
It's worth spending my diwali holidays in Pathfinders Trainings. I was new to stock market they way Yogeshwar sir teaches it's simple anybody can understand trading. And methods like Pathfinders express, siddhant and vedant express I loved most. I just thank Pathfinders for wonderful training.
- Trupti C - 21 Oct 14
Before joining Pathfinders I had no idea of what or how to do stock trading. After joining pathfinder under the mentorship of Yogeshwar sir I have the confident of being a trader without the help of tips.
- Bashir K - 21 Oct 14
Pathfinders is the best training course to learn the stock market. By attending the workshop I learn many things related to stock market. I can now do trades in stock market very confidently. I can make profits by using technical & fundamental system taught by Pathfinders.
- Akshay T - 21 Oct 14
It's a life transformation opportunity in my life. And I would definitely going to used it. Currently I am facing lots of problems in my life but Pathfinders show me a path which I was looking from many years.
- Vinit G - 12 Aug 14
Pathfinders Training, I have done twice. Accept training I have learned lot of things like control emotion, risk management, time management & current affairs of the global market. Sir, has teaches fundamental analysis & technical analysis are extremely useful.
- Ajit D - 12 Aug 14
Training is full of useful information. Demonstration of real trading is exciting. Mentoring model of trading would help build career in trading business. Wishing you all the best.
- Rajeev J - 12 Aug 14
I've attended many workshop all were boring had the same perception. But I am glad that this workshop was very interesting, knowledgeable and very much useful for me and for my career.
- Peter T - 12 Aug 14
As the training about trading It was really nice to attend this class. It really gives clear idea exactly how to do the job. 4 days training was very good & hope it will be even better in online platform.
- Pankaj V 12 Aug 14
The course is amazing & gave an confidence that we can trade on own without any hesitation or fear. Simple formula "Buy people's fear & sell people's greed". I will definitely work forward more people to attend this course & know & trade on their own.
- Kinjal D 12 Aug 14
The training was a excellent for a person like me who knew only stock market word from childhood but had no idea about the right way to enter in the world of stock market. The way sir simplified the method it was really very nice for the beginner.
- Mohit T - 12 Aug 14
It was a real learning experience such a technical subject was taken up so beautifully that all participants either having experience of stock market or not learnt it and will be able to put into practice.
- Datta U - 12 Aug 14
Before coming to this training I saw many people who are coming to market as trader their trading life is very less and they get out of market and this trading very soon. I also started this trading before three months with some small knowledge.
- Amit P - 12 Aug 14
Pathfinders name itself having weightage which everyone can realize after attending this workshop. In market people are doing business of providing this kind of workshop but Pathfinders is really a genuine & wonderful workshop.
- Abhijeet J - 12 Aug 14
This is a period which will hopefully & successfully ultimate in the search for knowledge that begin in 1967 about stock exchange and their functions. I am happy that Pathfinders are successfully spreading this knowledge for the good of this country.
- Raj D - 22 Jul 14
I found this training very useful as in this you have the opportunity to learn and earn. If u put the training in use and practice regularly its going to benefit you immensely.
- Prem P - 22 Jul 14
Thank you sir. Practical training as taught by you was definitely an eye opener for me. Was able to identify my problem areas.
- Muzammil W V - 22 Jul 14
Life changing seminar done on Yogeshwar sir's class. Very brilliant skill I learn from Yogeshwar sir. One of best trader & mentor I saw in my life who trade within standing in front of over class.
- Suresh B - 22 Jul 14
The way of teaching was excellent and very useful for the people like me who had done losses in the market. The fundamental and technical analysis including indicators and oscillators was understood very clearly which will help us in future tradings.
- Subhakanta N - 22 Jul 14
Excellent training by sir Yogeshwar Vashishtha. I don't think I would have been able to learn trading as well as it is being taught here. I have learnt not only about trading but a lot many things which will help me to become a better individual.
- Smitha P - 22 Jul 14
I hereby declare that it has been a wonderful experience for me to attend the Pathfinders Training programme as I was in a very worried mental state as I had to live my job due to my ill health. All my household financial plan affected this.
- Smitha B - 22 Jul 14
Pathfinders traders training is an excellent workshop to understand the stock market, it has provided a systematic approach of trading in all market condition.
- Parvin C - 22 Jul 14
The course is an excellent one. All anyone who wishes to take the profession trading need to do is attend and learn from shri yogeshwarji. Excellent teacher, mentor difficult in todays world to get a quality teacher like him.
- P V Narayanan - 22 Jul 14
Sir, The four days training has changed my view of stock market, commodities, futures, forex forever. My vision is now extremely clear about where to trade what to trade & most importantly why to trade.
- Nilesh D - 22 Jul 14
This is a very good platform to learn about the trading I have learn so many things from this platform. Before this I have not so much knowledge about trading.
- Manoj k - 22 Jul 14
It is said if the beginning of the journey is good your destination is easily achieved. Thanks to Pathfinders for building good roads for a journey where there is no obstacle.
- Bhavish R - 22 Jul 14
Great efforts useful for all people who enters in stock market, to know how market behave. Trading is business. In this course management of risk, how to protect your profit, take most probable trades and minimize your risk and increase your profit is taught.
- Ashok J - 22 Jul 14
Four days superb training by Yogeshwar sir. This four days were just awesome and life changing days. Perfect knowledge has been given about the stock market. It is a business from which you can run your bread and butter. It is not an casino.
- Aniket Y 4 Feb 14
This really feel good today to attend last 4 days sir session. What I found that nobody can teach you better than Yogeshwar sir. When I join this course I was not knowing that I will get so much knowledge about trading. The dedication toward students by Yogeshwar sir is tremendous.
- Nishant A - 4 Feb 14
This training is very useful taken by Yogeshwar sir. It is the only place where a fresher can become a successful trader. After doing this I become confident I believe it will become my first source of income. I was told how to make money by having patience & remain cool.
- Chandra G 4 Feb 14
There were many myths about stock market we can only make loss or this market is for gamblers but Yogeshwar sir has taught discipline trading. We can make money in down market & up market provided you follow rules.
- Haresh D 4 Feb 14
Thoroughly professional manner of imparting training to the students with a personal rapport rarely seen elsewhere. Yogeshwarji's first 2 hour workshop really made me think re. How I was approaching my trades in the proceeding few months.
- Umesh R 4 Feb 14
To be a professional trader you need 5 things ie. discipline, risk management, money management, strategy, mentor and Yogeshwar sir is best mentor for anybody you may say for everybody.
- Ganesh M 4 Feb 14
I am extreemly happy by attending this course as I learned lot many new things related to stock market. The best thing is now I can relia on my study & I can trade my own rather to reling on the broker or a tips.
- Mehul D 4 Feb 14
Tips of trading given by Mr. Yogeshwar are super excellent. Risk management methods trading processes are absolutely useful and more profitable. Meditation of concentration on only single object which is gives us expected achievement which is taught by Mr. Yogeshwar sir are surprisingly.
- Ajit D 17 Dec 13
During the training following aspects were explained very nicely. The basic requirements of a good trader. The simple techniques to find a good trade opportunity. The most important aspect of trading based on seeing an opportunity over emotional thinking.
- Girish S 17 Dec 13
The first day was a information packed day. Before the said date I had little to no information about the markets and products that are traded in it like most people nifty and sensex were just terms I heard on tv ocassionally and changed the channel immediately.
- M Abhishek S 17Dec 13
The training provided by Yogeshwar sir is really amazing & is surely helpful in the long run. It taught me one of the most aspect about share market trading is that. I know many things about this field but could not understand why I know the manner in which I know.
- Sarang S 17 Dec 13
I am 36 years old. I came to bombay in 1999. People used to tell me that in bombay money is in the air in share market why do not you trade. But I never feel any urge to know or do any trading. That is why even I don't have any demat A/c after so years.
- Alok B 17 Dec 13
Being a fresher to the world of stock market after joining this course there is a transition of myself from a novice towards a journey of being a professional trader. Extremely helpful for a layman who has a slightest of a wish to become a trader.
- Siddharth D 17 Dec 13
Great exposure to stock market & trading methods. Broke some past myths about the market & learnt that trading is more of a skill than just learning or staying away from with the thought that if is meant for the even who are traditionally into it or a group of peoples.
- Manish S 17 Dec 13
The course conducted taught me the technicals in theory & also taught me to use practically in live market which validated the efficiency & workability of the technique.
- Shirish J 17 Dec 13
Since I was trading in stock market not able to make big money due to poor risk management. In Pathfinders Training I learnt techniques of risk management which will led me to convert small profits into big profits & big losses into smaller one.
- Kiran C 17 Dec 13
I am relatively a fresher to trading. The 4 day classroom course has given me quite a few techniques which if i practice well and use them in a planned and disciplined manner will help me to start building confidence that I can take up trading as a profitable business.
- Vivek C 17 Dec 13
This is one of the important stock trading course to understand the share market. Earlier my perception about the share market was like it's a place to loose money.
- Ram M 17 Dec 13
After Pathfinders Training I have understood that the patience & knowledge of technical analysis, indicators are keys to success to become a profitable trader. Managing risk is very important learning from this training concepts were explained in very simple and easy language.
- Tushar G 17 Dec 13
After 15 years of studies, which I did in my school & college days, this was the 1st time that in which I found a mentor Mr. Vashishtha. The way the attitude the aura & the positiveness that he carries along with himself is immarkable.
- Sunita G 8 Oct 13
The training was excellent. It will definitely help me to work upon my weaknesses and become a successful trader. Its a value addition even for a experience trader. Thank you very much sir.
- Kishor G 8 Oct 13
I come from bangalore to attended it. I am wholeheartedly like this workshop. I specially thanks a lot to yogi sir for his workshop taking with smiling face.
- Manzur P 8 Oct 13
The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. This training gave me one more way do satisfy my intellectual hunger as well as it increased my quest and greed for knowledge. Knowledge of becoming a good trader is a bonus, and knowledge of becoming a good person in my real MTM of last 4 days
- Avinash J 8 Oct 13
Pathfinders Trainings is a wonderful training on trading techniques and tool with risk management for the stock market. It has mix of theory and practicals as you are trained on live market and if followed and executed as per the training provided.
- Shailesh K 8 Oct 13
For a novice trader like me, this training has enlightened me to get into the market with skill in a controlled manner. It has given me a platform to learn in market practically by being in markets by doing controlled, that if i follow rules & structured trading. I would be learning & earning more.
- Dixit N 8 Oct 13
While there are many training institutes who focus on explaining the theory, none of them focus on the practical methods to be adopted for trading. The approach taken by Pathfinders Trainings i.e. Teaching in live markets with real money is excellent.
- Ajay M 8-Oct-13
This training made realized that how much stop loss are important. Due to this I know where should I place my stop loss and how to trail my stop loss to manage and minimize risk. I learned that trading can be done with the help of simple tools and following the rules of it.
- Kanchan P 8 Oct 13
Have realized the true treasure in this industry, which generally aware/known people hide it for their own benefits. A big thank you, for making me aware of this treasure, which I simple call a skill.
- Sanket A 8 Oct 13
I was referred to my father. I had always been phobic to anything related to share market. I am an engineer by education & currently work in tourism industry. I had absolutely zero knowledge or any idea about trading.
- Gopal A 8 Oct 13
Its an very excellent training, which i had attended ever. Initially i thought 4 days would be too long but when session starts, i felt that 4 days are very less. Method adopted for teaching is very innovative. The real experience where i felt was live trading based on chart & indicators.
- Kantharaju K 8 Oct 13
One of the best course for novice or a seasoned trader the contents will be helpful throughout. Not only did the course touch on technical and practical aspects of trading also the human aspect and spiritual aspect required for being successful trader.
- Vinod P 8 Oct 13
" Make your profit by reducing a big loss " sir... Sir you have made this course very simple. I am new for this industry but the way you have taught us makes more easy & simple. Content made by you is excellent.
- Pravin G 8 Oct 13
I generally do not get sold to any of such kind of training programs. When i got a message from the marketing team, I visited the pathfinders website and saw the one hour video on it. I felt so happy and immediately made my decision for persuing this trading.
- Pankaj B 8 Oct 13
After the training i have come to know trading is a skill and if followed the simple rule of trading we can make money. The believe in me is that the trading is simple. I want to enhance this skill to make this as a primary source of income.
- Rakesh N 8 Oct 13
I was unknown about market till today i could understand something positive about this market. I don't have any trade account and now I am going to open it with sharekhan under mentorship & Vashishtha Sir.
- Dhananjay J 19 Nov 13
Dear, Mr. Yogeshwar Sir. For last one year I have traded based on news & tips by others and made losses regularly. Once I attended your free workshop I decided to learn trading professionally under your mentor ship.
- S Ramesh 19 Nov 13
This is turning point of my life. Because whatever training i get from Pathfinders Trainings session which never ever I received in life. From school & college education teach us how to become good employee.
- Seema B 19 Nov 13
Firstly I would like to thank Yogeshwar Sir for providing such a training which we can expect only internationally. When i look back 5 days and compare me with today. Its very surprising to me. Now i am very interesting now by following the systems consistantly.
- Sandeep H 19 Nov 13
I have been trading in stock market past 6/7 years. I have also taken basic technical analysis course a year back but did not make money nor i gained the confidence of making big in market.
- Nakul L 19 Nov 13
This workshop has introduced me to the world of shares stocks, options a world of money. Although I came as a complete fresher in this arena but after 4 days I feel that i have come to know the basic terminology of this field & also the concept of different indicators & other tools.
- Sonia S 19 Nov 13
Hypothesis is confirm that Yogeshwar sir is my last hope of my life. Excellent class "Lajawaab" Thanks.
- Sanjay K 19 Nov 13
This is first mentor cares & respect to each traders. Most important is whenever i call or sent email they will respond positively talk with both direction profit & loss. There aim everybody must study, learn, earn & enjoy with family become successful trader.
- Preshit P 19 Nov 13
Before attending this workshop by Yogeshwar sir. I have difficulties to put stop losses. Now my view about stop losses be clear. The trend trading technique he teach will be very useful in future.
- Amish P 19 Nov 13
Prior to attending this 4 days training session. I was knowing little bit about stock market but was very emotion to know how things happen here and how and why people make money & loose money also.
- Sharad L 19 Nov 13
The training was excellent many concept were made clear in very easy way. I have learn to put proper stop loss and also trading stop losses with this. Now i can do my risk management properly & effectively.
- Unmesh R 19 Nov 13
One of the best training ever attended. Very well organised, disciplined. Having a great sense of time. Content was very well designed however little tough for beginer like me. A geniune effort, see many time value of money and time invested.
- Manoj G 19 Nov 13
I knew i had the potential but it required Yogeshwar sir to unlock it & put it on a solid foundation his teaching was lucid & easy to understand very practical & useful to practice in real life trading.
- Dr. Sunil P 19 Nov 13
Although coming from finance background i was not made aware much of FRM despite DGDBM at NMIMS which cost me 2.5 lac for building good career aspiration further but i am with full confidence can now tell though i am a novice to our stock market
- Paras S 19 Nov 13
It was god's plan for me to attend this 4 days training programme with you. The way you have keep the concept is front of all of us is unbelievable.
- Mahesh J 13 Aug 13
Such type of training is very useful for most of the educated people. We can call this financial training for all , which is need of day to make awareness & to tell facts.
- Santosh T 13 Aug 13
It was a very plesent experience, meeting people knowing them & most important understanding what it is to be a trader. Yes i have aquired a lot in these 4 days, will love to study, practice and work to be a successful trader.
- Paras S 13 Aug 13
Considering the vastness of this market the way the study is executed and taught in just 4 days is a worth a applaud. I must admit that i feel very motivated and inclined to enter the stock market.
- Darshana S 13 Aug 13
This is my first encounter with stocks/futures/commodities/forex,all these words were so frightening before I come for this workshop.
- Jignesh S 13 Aug 13
Darkness and misconcept has been vanished after the training and a powerful ray of hope is visible on the tunnel. It is in true sense learning how to catch a fish instead of taking from somebody else.
- Mukul S 13 Aug 13
This being a mentorship model,it would be too early to give a comprehensive opinion as of now. However the four day training was extensive yet concise.
- Zaheer V 13 Aug 13
I was very impressed with the dedication with which Mr. Yogeshwar conducted this training seminar & also the excellent ambiance in which it was arrangement etc. As compares to the amount of money I paid to attend this workshop.
- Laurel P 13 Aug 13
I am very glad to have gotten an opportunity to attend this session. The deep research gone into this course is very evident, all of yogeshwar sir's 12 odd years of study has been encapsulated into this course. That in my best take away from this session.
- Prajna C 13 Aug 13
With this training I know that all the stock are moving with proper manner or standard form before I think all stock are up & down with the news.
- Gopal G 13 Aug 13
As learning is continious proccess it is really practical knowledge session to become a independent proffetional traderby learning various scientific techniques tools to trade.
- Umesh K 13 Aug 13
I was introduced to trading in a very simple way. I have understood most of the concepts. As 4 days ia a short span of time to learn & master.
- Ajinkya K 13 Aug 13
Excellent training program. The confidence which I have gained from this is unbelievable. It is not only a training but it also helps you grow as a person & understand techniques to manage your risks in life. The stop loss techniques can be used to succeed in any part of once life.
- Sumeet S 13 Aug 13
The best training I have attended. It completely clipped my thought about stock market trading. All the best to Yogeshwar sir & team in their endeavor training & making people aware of stock market.
- Hemant K 13 Aug 13
I must say that this is very good training session covering almost all asset classes. Apart from that suggestively trading in a baby steps for novice like me.
- Milind J 13 Aug 13
Excellent training provided, but time span of 4 days is not sufficient, may pleased be increase to 6 days with a day of practicals if possible. Six days i.e. saturday to thursday.
- Rajiv K 13 Aug 13
Experience of learning about trading was great, it was great time of 4 days class. Excellent place selection for workshop with good ambience and fantastic food. Learning positive things about finance.
- Ashok S A 13 Aug 13
I found the training is very excellent. Yogeshwar Vashishtha is a extra ordinary teacher, who has import the knowledge in a capsule form. I am thankful to the team of Pathfinder for the training.
- Surbhi S 13 Aug 13
This particular workshop has been very much useful & descriptive. All the techniques were explained in detail, even though the class for 4 days. Great effort was taken to cover all the topics to the maximum extend in a very easy & simple manner.
- Mukesh 13 Aug 13
The training provided by Shri Yogeshwar Vashishtha was excellent. He had shown us both the part (face) of the market. Training is really really useful not only for trading business but also in our day to day real life.
- Bharat G 13 Aug 13
The manner in which the training was conducted was excellent. The techniques was explained in simple language with true examples. Only time frame should be more than four days.
- Kasturi 13 Aug 13
Very good training I am really thankful for the book where in one side is kept blank, so that I can write notes in my language.
- Gopal K 13 Aug 13
This is the only course om share market training which is practical oriented. While teaching any theoritical part live trade are taken and it becomes very easy to understand throgh practical approach.
- Arvind P 13 Aug 13
Before I join this training session, I was under impression that we can make money only when market moves or stock price moves in our favour, Also I us to take tips from friends or colleagues. I have learn one important thing that is stop loss. If you can't make money, at least stop losses.
- Monoj P 13 Aug 13
This is a great training I ever had. Also I am very thankful to sir as a trainer, Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha, style of training is so excellent & unique that makes these 4 days in life the great transformation in life.
- Manish T 13 Aug 13
I recommend this training to all who have done their technical analysis but still not able to break the ice. And all who are very serious to make money from the stock market in a systematic and a sure way for the success.
- S.K. Chande 13 Aug 13
Congratulation for this excellent effort. Yogeshwar Vashishtah sir, you tried to reach & teach everyone in simplest way by effective communicaion.
- Rajendra N 13 Aug 13
Right from the chid-hood it was imprest on that share market is the place of gamling. "yadi apne dushman ko marvana hai to use share bazaar ka darwaza batao".
- Shantaram P 13 Aug 13
The 4 days interactive session conducted yogeshwarji was very lively & hutke be prepared for 50% losses.
- Joseph 13 Aug 13
It was a very good course for share trading.
- Rambabu D 13 Aug 13
First of all, thank you very much to organize training session, and we get golden opportunity to learn stock market,your personal expereince, your meditation etc.
- D.P. Shinde 13 Aug 13
The training is excellent trainer is more excellence, the support was great.
- Meenal J 13 Aug 13
Very useful training. Ekplained in very juicy language. Very simple & easy to learn.
- Sandeep N 13 Aug 13
The training was necessary as it is helpful to know the requirements to be successful in trading. the knowwledge shared is 100% practical & I am grateful to Yogeshwar sir for sharing his expereince of more than a decade. The dos and don't will have to be strictly followed.
- Amit N 13 Aug 13
It was a very good experience to be in the workshop taking life turning experience from honourable sir Yogeshwar. I wont say him sir or a teacher, rather guru, because has a much greater magnitude & depth than a teacher.
- Vinay J 13 Aug 13
It is altogether an excellent learning experience and thanks a lot to all of pathfinder team. Technical analysis in an organised manner and preparing trade plan for each and every trading can a great discipline and enhance the skills of a trader.
- Bitasta B - 19 Mar 2013
I was in this market nearly 15 years ago and i stopped this activity when i incurred a huge loss and it took a lot of time to me to come out of this. Then i did not even look at this market for these years. One day i was called by one of my office colleague to attend the seminar.
- S A Krishnan - 30 Apr 2013
I had decided to join this course as i was keen to know about the stock market. During the free introductory session i was impressed by Mr. Yogeshwar honesty and his vision. The four day informative course has clear an eye opener to me and has enhanced an interest in me into stock market.
- Rajan G - 19 Mar 2013
After retiring from service i was looking at various options to keep my self busy and also for a steady source of income. After that i narrowed down the stock market for the above stated purpose.
- Rajeev S - 19 Mar 2013
Attending the pathfinders training programme was one of the best training programme was one of the best training programme i have attended in my life. The most important aspect of the training programme was the applicability of the techniques in the world of stock commodities and stock market.
- Jitendta T - 19 Mar 2013
I use to trade earlier, though on a very small scale basis. My understanding then was that i have to find out these level for trading the market i.e entry, exit and stop loss but that was my thinking.
- Nitin P - 30 Apr 2013
The training course is excellent. it provides a very systematic practical hands on approach to " GO TO MARKET & WIN " The course is beneficial for both novice and professionals alike.
- Alokmoy D - 30 Apr 2013
My experience above this training is excellent i have been trading for almost a year however i never made money due to my inconstant trading. This somehow effects my confidence which also reflected in my personal life and i started to feel like i can not do a trading in life and cannot be successful
- Ashish T - 30 Apr 2013
27 Apr - 30 Apr all the best learning days after school. Mr yogeshwar Vashishtha undoubtedly the best teacher but also a very good human being., I would like to give my best wishes to him and his family.
- Jayesh D - 30 Apr 2013
First of all, I am surprised to know that there are so many options in stock market. i.e derivative.f&o, forex ,commodity, to earn the money, Thanks a lot.
- Vinay B - 30 Apr 2013
I used to trade in stocks about 3-4 years back.I lost recovered money and get out of stock. The things which i learned not to do were confirmed in this course. I also learned why i was making those mistakes.
- Vinayak V - 30 Apr 2013
I learn that trading is not so difficult if we keep our system simple and have discipline and stick our trading plan.The mentor has explained and demonstrated practically.
- Mohammed H - 30 Apr 2013
Pathfinders training is excellent training. I understand the share market very well. Earlier i know nothing about the technical strength of the stock nifty etc. But now i can trade based on the techniques learn from the pathfinders . It is very useful to earn the money from market.
- Uttam P - 30 Apr 2013
The training has given a different meaning perspective to my life. Its the strongest hope that i have got now that i can really achieve most of dreams with defined time. This course has also helped me a lot about life in general how to work towards living better life with peace of mind.
- Sachin J - 30 Apr 2013
Pathfinders Training mentors you to really find the path towards successful trading.
- Archana T - 30 Apr 2013
In the training all the assets received by me was very valuable. Step by step narration and explanation about all aspect of trading especially risk management was excellent. The training course is designed in such a way that any novice trader will become a confident in trading to earn profit.
- Ravindra B - 30 Apr 2013
Mr Yogeshwar teach the trading techniques, styles, precaution to be taken. I am sure that i will be better trader within 3 months. He adopted latest techniques like webinar to review for all the students. Good initiative taken for trader meet in every month to know each other of every participant.
- M S R Prasad - 30 Apr 2013
When i came to the introductory session i thought that what would if i lost if i don't come for the session. The answer was i lost the opportunity to learn the what trading is all about.
- Hariprasad T - 30 apr 2013
This training removed most of the confusion i had in trading fine tuned techniques to quantify SL,targets. The trading psychology traps pushed me one step closer to take trading as a full time profession. The course can be enhanced by detailing more on band trading spread trading strategies.
- Rahul D - 30 Apr 2013
It is an excellent course. I was waiting for some guru who will fine turned my trading habits and guide me to put on success path which believe i got it. What we need is to get support after our training course is done. That will main for our emotions and training would be complete is real sense.
- Kishore K - 19 Mar 2013
The way you have been taught. my belief for share market is change, it is trade not a gambling and i am sure if i follow the rules and system which your taught then one day i will become a successful profit making trader.
- Bharat J - 30 Apr 2013
Was sitting free and got call from my cousin to attend this training. I thought whats the harm in attending a lecture. After the session ended was really convinced to attend the course. I have been in the market since 2007 and kept on trading occasionally. But now i feel extremely confident
- Gaurav C - 30 Apr 2013
I found pathfinders traders training really very good. As everything was designed in to simple systems it was quit easy and interesting for person like me who is layman for trading.
- Bharti A - 30 Apr 2013
I am businessman by conventional way.has a very little connection with share market. I recommend " Pathfinder " journey in to professional traders of stock market. A simple and unique way. Mr Yogeshwar is teaching us how to earn good second source of regular income.
- Jayesh S - 30 Apr 2013
This is the best course i ever come across about stock market training. In this course i learned how to read a chart, candlestick patterns, moving average curve etc. I learned how to trade any market, how to trailing stop loss.
- Vijay M - 19 Mar 2013
The training has removed lot of myths regarding stock market from my mind. In stock there is nothing call targets it is either you hit stop loss or you trail your profit. Money can be made every day in trading opportunity exists from 9.00 am to 11.30 pm, it depend on how you grab it.
- Nasir P - 19 Mar 2013
This training has definitely change the way, I thought trading was till date i traded in any pattern i wanted referring calls (tips) on websites sms newspaper etc. But form today onward i will do it on myself i already started the preparation stop loss rather trailing stop loss
- Sanket C - 30 Apr 2013
The amount of knowledge provided by yogeshwar sir is very commendable. The understanding of candle stick will definitely go a long way in achieving success while trading and i personally would be considering myself lucky to have found about this course at the right time.
- Ameet H - 30 Apr 2013
A must do course who has a fascination for share market. If you feel this class can give you the required money and freedom then why not do in a scientific way. One simple rule -' Make your own rule and stick to it ' It was great learning.
- Deepak B - 30 Apr 2013
Excellent i done my technical course from NSE. But in this training ifeel that which is most important basic knowledge in trading is given here. In the 4 days i learn more which i learn before this. My previous knowledge about technical is only 20 year compare to sir given in only one day .
- Amit K - 30 Apr 2013
Before attending this training is was carrying several myths on stock trading and the major one was " stock trading is gambling where one will loose lot of money and make very little profit " After attending the true picture is exactly reverse
- Raghu K - 19 Mar 2013
Pathfinders is perfect place for trader to be successful. Every aspect of trading essentials are taken care of . I am very much satisfied and have a great hopes for future opportunities. I am attracted with the value part of the course.
- Dhiren M - 19 Mar 2013
This training updates my half knowledge of technical analysis skill and update me about the basic things. Which a traders has to remember in whole life i.e patience. I always get knowledge from sir and mostly was a practical part,theory part.
- Nikhil D - 19 Mar 2013
This was a great training experience which i have ever attended in my life. I have got chance to look in to other world of stock market , who actually makes the money. I am sure if the techniques taught in the training are applied properly in the stock trading this can be great source of income
- Kamlesh M - 19 Mar 2013
Very useful training session, you can actually practically apply the lesson in real market and get the benefit out of it. Thank you very much for such a brilliant training lesson.
- Madhumita D - 19 Mar 2013
The professional theory and practicals shown me the path to be profession trader. During the course i have learn the technique of how to overcome the stress and how to keep the mind cool.
- Anant R - 19 Mar 2013
Pathfinders trading was absolutely refreshing experience was conducted by a professional who is very thorough in this subject. At least we got the direction, he guided us to where to focus and study the subject . It will take us little more time to digest and relay start trading on his path.
- B A Bafna - 19 Mar 2013
Out of the world training experience most of the time all trainings are theoretical and especially all trading trainings are very much theoretical as the trainer themselves do not have the confidence in their trainings, but Yogeshwar has been a very good trainer
- Girish - 19 Mar 2013
The training at pathfinders has been really an eye opener for me and i believe i am at the right place in to the world of trading. I always believed that proper training is necessary in any profession to be successful.
- Girish T - 19 Mar 2013
I have attended two seminar before this, where they just showed the technique but didn't show how to apply them and use them. Combination of meditation and trading is important it helps keep emotion at buy, it was never taught by anyone.
- Mayur S - 30 Apr 2013
The training style is simple and good. I certainly recommend my father and wife to attend the training. To get technical details i recommend my father before he losses more money in trading on news and tips.
- Pattamatta R - 30 Apr 2013
The training program me was very much of high quality. The training was so good even novice trader can understand and become professional trader by practicing the guidelines provided. The atmosphere of training was good and the most complicated aspect of trading has been explained in simple terms to
- Karunakaran S - 19 Mar 2013
Training was very well designed and properly executed for both new comers as well as for seasoned traders.
- Subikash B - 19 Mar 2013
I have learned many things which i was not knowing. I am in trading from last many year, i used to put stop loss which always set to hit. I did not bother for planning my trade which i am enjoy to implement with immediate effect. I learned has i can control fear and emotions.
- Arun P - 19 Mar 2013
Great learn, great knowledge,this is really good course specially for new trader. I am definitely recommended this course for all those who want to become a successful trader. The way of teaching and their efforts are really really good. I wish they should open their atleast one branch in each city.
- Rudraprasad M - 19 Mar 2013
The training has been designed to cover all facets of trading including the platform used for trading. Such approach is highly appreciated shows the commitment by Mr Yogeshwar team. To make it world class truly unique. Road map to trading has been constructed in very beautiful manner.
- Alex P - 19 Mar 2013
I am very thankful to pathfinders traders trainings as they have made me confident enough to start believe in my self that i can do trading . Mr Yogeshwar sir speech is very encouraging and help to understand the territory in which we are now venturing.
- Nilima D - 19 Mar 2013
The training program is the best training i have attended in my last 20 years. It has done paradigm shift for me.It has given me an opportunity to be an independent person. It has given me a hope that you will never retire and i will not be dependent on any one.
- G A Moorjani - 19 Mar 2013
After the presentation / teaching for 4 days. I am determined to take trading as a profession. I am very much thankful for the same. Your sincere effort is very much appreciated.
- P P Krishnan - 19 Mar 2013
It was a great learning experience Yogeshwar sir is excellent in explaining these things in a simple way. i will never forget this training experience . The manner in which T A is taught was excellent.
- Vishal S - 19 Mar 2013
I was trading for a year in commodity faced both profits, and profit / loss ratio used to be 30 / 70, due to my prediction of chart and expecting chart to move as my prediction which was huge mistake understood by this course
- Rajesh D - 19 Feb 2013
This workshop was a wonderful experience. The vision and mission of Mr. Yogeshwar sir is very dynamic, something very unique and novel. Its my privilege to be part of his goal and mission. I never had a single dull movement during this 4 days, as his teaching abilities are mesmerizing.
- Saeed G - 19 Feb 2013
The workshop was excellent, every practical training programme which made me take profit making trader in commodity and forex as well it gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my ability of trading commodities using MACD.
- Sulaiman B - 19 Feb 2013
Before coming to this training i was completely in dark as it how to go about trading in an systematic and planner manner. i didn't know so many technical parameter . After attending this 4 days course of trading. I am beginning to understand why my trading earlier was not successful.
- M Ramraj - 19 Feb 2013
One small joke come in to may mind " operation success but patient died " Most of my trade will go right after hitting my stoploss. After learning from pathfinders training i feel very happy to say this and i believe that now onwards my stoploss will not hit my profit.
- S Balasubramanium - 19 Feb 2013
This training helps me to learn how to take the right trade.
- Sudipta - 19 Feb 2013
The workshop is very meticulously planned and executed. I learn a lot many things and each topic was dealt with utmost detail. Its gone take me a long way to become an efficient and profitable trader so as to fulfill my dreams and venture in to all new world of realisation and satisfaction.
- Mukta D - 19 Feb 2013
I rated the training 9/10, in training is next to perfect as i belive nothing is perfect .
- Vivek - 19 Feb 2013
At the end of training i feel Yogeshwar sir right from day one has been saying " stretch your wings sanjeev -- its time to fly high up in the sky "
- Sanjeev T - 19 Feb 2013
One of the best training sessions attended by me. I remain inspired by the broader values of life, taught by Mr.Vashishtha durring this 4 day stock market training course.
- Shankar M - 19 Feb 2013
To do trading in an efficient manner and get effective results this training is important . The training includes all technical aspects of trading and empowers the trader with solid techniques to trade with confidence. Very good value for money spent.
- Jignesh P - 19 Feb 2013
The best thing about this program is the 2 day dedicated exclusively to the Live Market. Another is the mentor does not leave the student unsafe till he makes money and continually monitors his trades.
- Santosh M - 19 Feb 2013
I have done 2 to 3 courses on stock trading, but i was fail to using their strategies. In this course on the second day i got the answer where i done the mistake now i get confidence to trade. Thanks to sir.
- Santosh A - 19 Feb 2013
I get a clear picture of trading. Stop loss is very important while trading
- Ganesh V - 19 Feb 2013
I am newcomer to this market, not yet done a single trade online. This workshop really proved helpful to me by giving me insights, new techniques to learn and simplifying the stock market for a experienced or a layman.
- Rajeshwari M
Prior to workshop I was blindly trading without following rules and post workshop i am having right tools to apply for successful trading.
- Hemakar S - 19 Feb 2013
I got a lot of knowledge and exposure regarding trading. I as a novice trader found lot many information and hard to digest. By practice i shall surely digest and apply in my trading with your future help.
- Shekhar B - 19 Feb 2013
I found this training very useful, practical and informative. I plan now to become a profitable trader
- Ram A - 19 Feb 2013
Message of " Unlocking Your Potential " is sincerely proved by the trainer in few days courses. Training is well focused on the subject given great confidence to become a successful trader.
- P S Vachha - 7 MAY 2013
Training is very informative useful, but it might be more applied also, its helped to clear my all doubts. Finally if u catch the right trend and make money a solid money it will be value add course. I got confidence and motivation.
- Anita S - 7 MAY 2013
Trading style, conversation,presentation and demonstration of live market etc is wonderful
- Jyoti B - 7 May 2013
I was aware of certain principles of trading. I could not succeed for certain reasons. If is only after having attended this seminar, I understood what i failed to understand.
- Nilesh S - 7 May 2013
The knowledge given here has been useful. I thank you sir for paving the path, making the road smooth by teaching the techniques to help me become a successful trader.
- Darshana M - 7 May 2013
This was really a good training where all the doubts related to Share market has been explained with the practical session. I hope to make a good earning in coming days by applying the simple logic which have been explained. I am really thankful to sir and mam for all the efforts they have put in.
- Dhananjay K - 7 MAY 2013
Thank you Yogeshwar sir for training me about trading the knowledge give by you is valuable. I am absolutely satisfied with the course.Thank you.God bless you.
- Madan C - 7 May 2013
The technique shown by Yogeshwar sir if applied honestly will definitely give excellent results. Especially the stop loss to be applied by the ATR method was really good. Yogeshwar sir teaching method very good. He kept the teaching very simple really. Simple methods to get wonderful results.
- Prashant M - 7 May 2013
I have been trading for a couple of years and making mostly losses. Trading to me was like a jigsaw puzzle. I had read a few books but was still not getting a clear picture and lot of piecesof the puzzle seemed to be missing.
- Indraneel M - 7 May 2013
An excellent training program to learn the skills for trading in the market. One thing i liked most about the training was more emphasis on practicals theoritical part was taken care off very nicely. overall a very good, well planned training programme.
- Mahendra G - 7 May 2013
Life is all about making right decision and this is one of the best decision i have made it so far. I am very much interested in trading and making lot of money so I found this is one of the best way to understand the concept very well, whatever i have learn in the training programme.
- Yogesh B - 7 May 2013
This training on trading has provided insight the subject that are simple and relatively easy to understand which if adhered to can certainly beneficial and assist to from a base on trading fundamentals
- Fredrick D - 7 May 2013
The course was very well conducted by sir. Now i have really understood the functioning of the stock market in the backend.
- Amjad S - 7 May 2013
The best thing that I learned from this programme was the importance of stoploss and trailing of stoploss. This is something which I feel is the most important part in trading (Which i have ignored ) Thanks for the entire programme which has transformed my thinking and especially for the STOP LOSS
- Prashanth K - 7 May 2013
This is my first training for trading is very useful in terms of content of course, technique of delivery to participants pedagogy of training etc. This is one of the cheapest training available in this field.
- Sushil K - 7 May 2013
To whomsoever it may consern, I, Ms Rajeshwari V. Markande, have attended your Pathfinders Training Workshop for stock market (Thane) and i am very greatful to you for it. I am a newcomer to this market. not yet done a single trade online.
- Rajeshwari M - 19 Feb 2013
It gave me the insides of trading, which i was missing till now. Basically i am was a long time invester,swing trader based on emotions & i was not able to books the profits at a appropriate time (loss in profit). My view of trading has changed.
- Sudhir P
The best thing about program is the 2 days dedicated exclusively to the live market. Another is the mentor does not leave the student unsafe till he makes money and continuasly monitors trades.
- Santosh M
To do trading is an efficient manner and get effective results this training is important. The training includes all technique aspects of trading and empowers the trader with solid techniques to trade with confidence. Very good value for money spent.
- Jignesh P
I have done 2/3 course in stock trading, but i was fail using their strategies. In this course, on the second day i get the answer where i done the mistake. Now I got confidence to trade. Thanks to sir, god bless him.
- Santosh A
I found this training very useful, practical & informative. I plan now to become a profitable trader.
- Ram A
I rated the training 9/10. The training is next to perfect as I believe nothing is perfect, what i'am very sure is of the platform, methodologies, councelling, and the initiative used by Mr. Yogeshwar and team can lead,
- Vivek S
The workshop is very meticulously planned & executed. I learned a lot many things & each topic was dealt with utmost detail. Its gone take me a long way to become an efficient & profitable trader so as to fulfill my dreams & satisfaction.
- Mukta D
At the end of training i feel Yogeshwar sir right from day one has been saying, stretch your wings sanjeev, its time to fly/soar high up in the sky.
- Sanjeev T
This training was very useful. It cleared most of my doubts.
- Vritika B
One small joke come into my mind. operation success but patient died. Most of my trade will go right after hitting my stoploss. After learning from Pathinders Trainings, I feel very happy to say this and I believe that now onwards my stoploss will not hit, hit my profit.
- S. Balasubramanium
I was trading for a year in commodity faced both profits/loss ratio used to be 30/70 due to my prediction of chart, and expecty chart to move as my prediction which was a huge mistake understood by this course, thanks to Pathfinders Trainings.
- Rajesh D
The most amazing thing about this training are. 1) webinars 2) Personal meetings & the most important is 3) Trading plan & trading strategies, as nobody teaches to do trading plan & people by default designed to loose hard earn money. This trading training stop this loss.
- Deepak D
The insistance on disiplin. Adherance to the trading plan and stoploss will be a life saver. If every female learns this be it a housmaker or a job does lots of pressure will be released which she puts unkwowingly on her husband & kids.
- Smita B
This is really excelent training based on harsh fact that here we are not trying to predict the market but we are financial high probability trades with strict stoploss & better reward. Itself removes all the misconception about market. Disipline is also emphasized.
- Sudam G
It just changes your perspective towards trading. It is the best training you can ever get.
- Avneet S
Very useful course covering nearly all topics in four days time, concept of stop loss cleared, very good material of course made. Wish Pathfinders the very best in future.
- Mukesh N
I have attened this training at a time in my life when I needed financial security and it is a turning and stabliging point in my life. The way Yogeshwar sir has taught us has given me a lot of confidence and belief that with my qualities.
- Rahul T
I like the way this training was conducted and if techniques applied sincerely, every one can become profitable to successful trader. Thank you Mr. Yogeshwar.
- Sudhir M
Money follows skills. So please work always to bring your skill high.
- Lalit K
How easy n trade & make money. Nothing is imposible. Trading made easy.
- Rajendra K.
Technical analysis taught with live practical example are of immence use for traders.
- Yashwant G
I am learn exactly what is do in trading. It's giving to me help how to make money in the trading. Decipline, rule, etc.
- Rahul G
An eyeopener for someone who is just beginning his/her journey to becoming a profitable, diciplined and most important a sane trader.
- Kinit H
Traning Techniques used was febulous. Eye opener for a fresher or experienced trader since training frequently had a mention of traps to be avoided. I sincerely feel, it can improved over a period of time.
- Yogesh K
Excellent training- I know how to be a risk free -i.e. risk management, at least it save me from big loss. Thank you sir, thank you very much.
- Shubhangi G
This workshop has opened new world of life because till today I was looking outside in the world what I want.But It was wrong I learned every thing is inside
- S G Jadhav
I feel much more calm now.
- Hardik P
This is the workshop which teaches us about self belief & thinking positive .It also helped me in knowing exactly what I want in life & How much I want in life.
- Rajendra A
For a novoice this workshop can changethe views & attitude towards the concept of money & ways & means of enriching one's life
- Mahesh V
very effective ,helpful - can be a guide to live life happily.
- Mrs Shobha S
Excellent explanation given by the Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha. I appreciate his thinking to impart knowledge of creation , accumlation and utilisation of money.Generally people keep this knowledge secret.I thank my son who has made me to paricipate in his workshop.
- R S Ramteke
This was an excellent experience attending workshop like this it is beyond any expectation it could be the turning point of my life to fullfill my dreams.
- Paramjit R
The Real Reason to make money is within you and not outside is vey nicely explained which has scienific base approach trust
- Bhushan A
I am a student with no financial knowledge whatso ever and had no idea about how to go on about life but after this workshop ,I am very confident about my future and i have learnt how to live life king size
- Akshay J
Money Workshop by Yogeshwar was a very good motivational workshop which can transform an underperforming state of mind into an excellent performing state can help to achieve the predetermined career & personal goals.
- Subramanian
When I first met Yogeshwar Sir, I was skeptical, but that opinion was quickly dispelled. I was awed by the patience and care he took of me, guiding and training each one of us. Thanks You Sir.
- Collin P
I have been associated with Pathfinders for many years and they have brought a very positive change in my life. Their training programs are not only inspirational but very practical and easily applicable.
- Sagar M
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