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Student Testimonial - Stock Market Training By Yogeshwar Vashishtha


Pathfinder – wow it was an amazing platform from where we or anyone can start. It was beautifully organise and hats off to Yogeshwar sir who handled the course at the top.
Ajit J 20 Sep 16
A awesome training session, eye opener, life changing session, where not only market was taught but a vision is developed how an individual could develop in life and be financially independent.
Aditya S 20 Sep 16
Since many years I was in a notion that stock market is something where we put money and nothing is in our control. That is the primary reason I stayed away from the market. One day I was introduced to the market by one of my friends and he said we can make profit if we do small analysis.
Vishwanathan P 17 Aug 16
I have been trading in the stock and future market for past 3-4 years. I had profits and losses but eventually could never make big profits as they were gobbled up by eventually big losses.
Vipin N 17 Aug 16
I am vinod, I am new to the stock market, I am having absolutely zero knowledge on this, one day I came across pathfinders free training workshop, I have attended it, there I got impressed by the way Yogeshwar sir taught.
Vinod Kumar G 17 Aug 16
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