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A stock market is a place that can provide you opportunities for potential earning. A trader who has the required skills earns from the market and a novice trader loses in the market. The good part is these skills can be acquired. Pathfinders Trainings helps you to acquire these skills by teaching you trading techniques and methods for profit in the stock market. Pathfinders Trainings specializes in helping you to become a professional trader and investor by learning how to trade the Indian stock, commodity and Forex markets on your own strength. Pathfinders Trainings offers both free and paid online/ offline stock market training programs. All these programs are conducted by Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M.Tech. IIT) who is a professional trader and trading in the market from the last twenty years. In Pathfinders Trainings, you acquire the skill of trading and investing and take control of your savings in your own hand.

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The course offered by Pathfinders Trainings are

1. Six-months Physical Stock Market Training     2. Six-months Online Stock Market Training    
3. Two-Months Advanced Portfolio Course     4. Pathfinders Online Trading Room
5. Pathfinders Online Investor Room     6. Two-Months Advanced Options Trading Room
7. Two-Months Advanced Online Options Course

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Payment of Rs 18000 For Refresher Course
Paid - Payment of Rs 18000 For Refresher Course
17/08/2019 To 16/02/2020
Balance Payment of 35500 for online course
Paid - Balance Payment of 35500 for online course
26/10/2019 To 25/04/2020
Balance Payment Gateway
Paid - Balance Payment Gateway
16/01/2020 To 15/06/2020
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