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Good Stocks For Portfolio

by 27. June 2015 19:39

Yes Bank with a PE of 17 and a robust balance sheet is an attarctive buy on dips and in a bull run can reach a target of 2000. In the last two years it has gone from 200 to 900 and you can time your entry and exit by using 20EMA


Trading For A Source Of Income

by Admin 24. September 2014 21:46

 Money is the blood of the body - essential but not visible.

For whole life people run after money but find that they do not have enough of it at the end of the day. They strive to earn more of it but their limitation is that they are uni-skilled in their money making capacity i.e.  have only one way of earning money. Moreover inflation continuously erodes their purchasing power and that is the reason they always require more money. Many people come to the stock market to make fast money but, without proper skill set and training, lose their hard earned money.

In India, stock trading is equated to luck and gamble which is not correct. Contrary to it in Europe and USA, there are many full time traders, some legendary, who make consistent income in any type of market. The reason they are able to do it is because they treat this profession of trading with the same seriousness as any other profession.

Stock market is the place where an entrepreneur like Narayan Murthy can raise capital and built an Infosys. The markets are a barometer of the financial health of the country and with active participation the savings of the masses are transferred to the needy businessman who creates wealth for the common man. When you purchase a stock of a company you are purchasing part ownership of that business and to make profits you have to understand it with the seriousness of a business.

Pathfinders Trainings strive to bust this misconception about trading being a gambling business which requires no skill and only luck. The trainings are designed to provide the necessary skill set to the common people so that they are not dependent on others to create their income and wealth. The vision is to empower the common men and women so that they can unlock their wealth potential.

Most people do not know how to make money when the price of stock is going down and helplessly watch their capital erode in a sliding market.

Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha, a NRI Engineer turned Trader, observed the vast amount of losses made by common man in the crash of 2008 markets. That's when he realized the need to reach out to the mass and empower them to safeguard their hard-earned money. With this vision Pathfinders Trainings was founded and in the last eight years more than 20,000 students have been trained in the basic and advanced courses and many of them are now full time or part time traders.

Pathfinders Trainings is dedicated to providing people better understanding of trading in different markets so as to make trading a fixed source of income. The students are trained to trade stocks, stock futures, options, commodity future and forex markets. Pathfinders also trains people to make money in the falling markets by using the short direction of the derivative products like futures and options.

Trading is a profession in which you can do the business in four ways:

1.    Intraday Trading

2.    Swing Trading

3.    Positional Trading

4.    Long Term Trading

The first two styles of trading generate regular income while the last two forms of trading are used to create wealth and portfolios. To develop the skill set of trading one needs to train in the following areas.

·       Technical Analysis to know when to buy

·       Fundamental Analysis to know what to buy

·       Risk Management to know how much to buy

·       Trade filtering to choose the best among the good stocks

·       High probability trading methods

·       Use of online platforms for fast execution

·       Making of Trading Plan

·       Rational decision making

·       Psychology of trading

·       Trade Management

Traders who start trading too soon, i.e., without a well-researched trading plan and skillset, often find themselves pegged back by losses. While, traders who have realistic expectations and who treat trading with seriousness and respect of a business – and not as a hobby or a get-rich-quick scheme – are more likely to beat the odds and become part of the group of traders who succeed.

Pathfinders Trainings aim to train the students with various skills in order to make them more disciplined and efficient in managing their wealth and creating incomes for their daily needs.

Trading, if done with correct approach and proper skill set in arsenal, can serve many purposes, right from being a full source of income in itself to being a secondary source of income complimenting primary income like salary. If learned and applied correctly, those looking for investments for retirements can increase their invested capital way many more times than any other investment schemes, that too all on their own and being in full control of their wealth. People get to develop an additional skill set which can be used to earn steady money in case of any unforeseen condition or mishap.

Trading is also a boon in the old age as the support of pensions is no more available and most people do not have adequate retirement funds. This skill is priceless as one can make money sitting at home in their old age.

Trading is a business of freedom. One does not have to open any office, hire any employees, create an infrastructure, manufacture anything, give any service to anybody. There are no customers in this business as one directly buys and sells on the exchange. Unlike other business, trading does not require a lot of time which means you will have ample of time for yourself and your family.


If you want to become a part-time or full-time trader, it is important that you take the time to study about trading and then research and develop your own trading plan. Once you know how to trade, regular practice will develop the necessary skill.

We always have two choices - to live an ordinary life or to live an extraordinary life. Out of the two, only the extraordinary life is worth living and for that you need to put in extraordinary efforts. And, to strive for an extraordinary life, financial freedom is a must. Ask yourself if you want to have all the money and more. If you have answered YES, start working on it right NOW.

Come to Pathfinders Trainings and unlock your wealth potential. For details visit

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