Pathfinders Trading Room
Pathfinders Online Live Trading Room For 
Pathfinders Students Plus Pathfinders Active Traders Only 
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Pathfinders Trainings is proud to announce its On-line Live Trading Room for Pathfinders Students, who are also Active Traders with Pathfinders and has sharekhan account with Pathfinders Trainings.

As an endeavour to constantly improve our quality and services, we are happy to bring you this novel and exclusive feature. 

Our Live Trading Room will remain open during market hours where you will benefit from the following:

  • Live trading with Yogeshwar Sir approx 120 hours in 3 months
  • Analysis of your stocks by Yogeshwar Sir during market hours to enhance your trading  
  • Software support and Training for our Active Traders. 
  • High probability intraday, swing and portfolio trades via SMS
  • Live Portfolio Analysis every Friday
  • Options, Futures, Commodity and Forex Trading is included into the trading room

 Live trading with Yogeshwar Sir from 9 am to 11 am approx 120 hours in 3 months 

Pre-market Analysis & Commodity Analysis

  • Live trading every day consisting of intraday / swing & portfolio trades
  • Daily analysis of the market indexes, and sectors
  • High probability trades using technical and fundamental filters that are executed for all asset classes - stocks, stock futures, stock options, index futures, index options, commodity futures and currency futures.
  • Intraday, Swing and Portfolio Trades with appropriate entry, exit and stop loss
  • Technical and Fundamental analysis with necessary risk management
  • Emphasis is given to Portfolio building by developing the necessary skills
  • Two to three long and short swing trades every week

Since your convenience is of utmost importance, our Online Live Trading Room has been designed as an online model to accommodate participants from across the globe and can be availed from the comfort of homes, offices and work stations. For convenience and ease of access, the Live Trading Room facility has been scheduled for Student + Active Trader.







Morning – 9 am to 11 am

Live Intraday & Swing Trading 

Live Intraday & Swing Trading

Live Intraday & Swing Trading

Live Intraday & Swing Trading

Live Swing Trading + Portfolio analysis


Pathfinders Student + Active Trader Package with sharekhan account with Pathfinders

This trading room is specially designed for traders who have undergone training at Pathfinders Trainings and actively Trade under our guidance and surveillance.It  is an attempt to encourage our traders to trade and sharpen their trading skills under our constant surveillance. Any Assistance required during a trade is promptly given.

Pathfinders Online Trading Room

Student + Active Trader Package

 Minimum Subscription

Three Months

Fees for three months (Al Inclusive)

Rs. 15000

Fees for Half Yearly (Al Inclusive)

Rs. 30000 

Fees for Yearly (Al Inclusive)

Rs. 60000

Live trading with Yogeshwar Sir everyday 9 am 11 am


High probability intraday, swing, and Positional trades via SMS.


Portfolio Trades analysis


Commodity Trading session 


Recordings of the Live Trading sessions by Yogeshwar sir


Software support and Training for our Active Traders.


·        If you have not done Pathfinders Stock Market 6-month course, please do not subscribe for this facility

·        Payment done are non-refundable.

·        Please note, Stock Market Trading and Investments are Subject to market risks. Please understand risk and learn before doing any trading or Investment.

To subscribe or for queries, contact us :

Dharmishtha – 9022330009


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